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I grew up in a family where we are a close knit family on both my mother's and father's side. We would go on occasions and other events, especially reunions and special gatherings. We were brought up to be a person who knows how to show hospitality to people. We learned mostly from our father, whom when he died, a lot of people came and told stories how my father helped them, how my father showed them hospitality, how my father is a good man. He wasn't the best or perfect husband or a father, but when people started pouring in on his burial that even the people from St. Peter started asking if he's politician or some kind of a 'big' person, we kind of laughed.

That's when we knew where hospitality and being helpful can get you. Even our relatives or his friends from far away provinces and places came to give their respect. I really can't believe it when they started telling me stories about my father.

I always remember going on birthdays and other parties. We will always bring gifts or food, courtesy of my mother. She always knows what to bring, so I grew up with the notion that you at least have to bring something as a token. I didn't realize when it started but one time, I just remembered when we went into a cousin's wedding and my mother didn't bring any box or wrapped gift. I was confused, but I didn't ask her about it.

Later on, I saw her put out an envelop and gave it to them. When we went home, I asked her what's inside the envelop. I was already thinking of money, but then, how much would you give in occasions like that?

I have three fool-proof gift ideas that are my go-to everytime I go to different parties and events. And believe me when I say that I go to a lot of them. Did I mention that I have a close knit families on both sides? Imagine the birthdays, weddings, reunions, christening and other occasions I go to from just my relatives? Then there are also parties of my friends, colleagues, and sometimes, fans and readers that would go all out in inviting me.

So I learned the ropes of gift giving and these are my three fool-proof gift ideas that I can share with you all!

My first thought in thinking of what gift to give, is the fact that it should be something that they can use, if not everyday, at least a few times. So I thought of T-shirts. You can get it anywhere, but it will give the personalized feelings especially if you got them a statement shirt that's not only in their size, but with a print that tells a thing about them. It means you know them enough to know what color or type of statement shirt to give them.

It also gives a feeling of satisfaction whenever you get to see your gift being used by the person you give the gift to, may it be in picture or in personal.

Most of my relatives and friends knew that I became a writer, and I already have a few published ones that are available in bookstores nationwide. Whenever I have a new release, as much as possible, I would put names of my relatives and friends on the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT or AUTHOR'S NOTE to thank them for the support. I find that everyone seemed to love the idea of seeing their name in a book, so this has been one of my go-to gift idea on different occasions, as well as giving a copy of the book where they are mentioned.

Most of them don't really read, but they tell me that they are already reading the book I gave them to.

So I think a book that you know they might need, or you think the person you're giving your gift to can relate to is also a fool-proof gift you can give friends, relatives and colleagues.

Last but not the least, gift certificates! There are three things that I like about gift certificates as gift.

1. Creative - The idea of giving a gift certificate as a gift is already a creative thing. It is personalized in a sense because you bought it yourself, it is unique because they can use it for whatever thing they want to get using it!

2. Convenience - It is convenient on your part because you don't need to wrap it, it's not heavy or bulky in your bag and last but not the least, it is convenient in their part because they don't need to unwrap it and they can also just put it in their bag.

3. Customized - They can use it on a lot of places on however they want to!

These are where they can use the Sodexo Gift Check or SM Gift Check:

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I hope I helped you guys in giving fool-proof gift ideas on the next party or event you'll go to!

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