Blocking People On Facebook: Know When Enough Is Enough.

How many people are in your BLOCKED list?

I've always known of the blocking capability of facebook or any other social media platforms. I've always known, but I never get to use it because I've never had problems before. Okay, fine, I may have blocked one or two people before, but that was just because they post a lot of annoying things and I am not really close with them.

When I started y 'writing career' and people started to recognize me, let alone readers, haters and bashers started to be visible to. A lot of people tells me to just don't mind them, do my own thing or better yet,  block them so I won't see them anymore in my news feed.

In my defense, well, I think that blocking people on facebook or blocking people in every social media platforms are for people who doesn't like that certain person. I was firm in not blocking them at that time because I am not mad at them, they're the ones with problems with me and hates my guts, so it is more sensible that they should be the one to block me, right?

My block list is clean throughout using that particular facebook account since 2012, until recently that everything was just chaos. This is where I learned the art of blocking people in facebook.

I was being harassed and it pains me so much seeing as how people can be that mad at me. Most of them were my readers who lost their trust in me. I admit that it was really my fault, but they are being too much, they're literally ruining my life! I had no choice but to think of things to protect myself and I realized that if I kept seeing them all over my facebook, I will lost it.

BLOCKING them seems to be the most practical thing.

But even then, I got a little worried in what would they think about me if I did? Do I really have to do it? Why does it felt so drastic and harsh?

But I also realized that I don't have any obligations with them anymore. If they're mad at me, then so be it. I wasn't born to please people. My goal is to give back to the people who stayed with me amidst the storm and they're not a part of my goal. So I said, "Fuck it!" and started blocking those people. Fuck what they say, fuck what they would think. I want to live my life and I want to protect myself from further pain they would likely to inflict me. It is my prerogative.

It was also then that I realize that maybe it wasn't just me who are already being hurt and bullied or being harassed that are still afraid to block someone thinking of consequences and stuff. And let me tell you this, my life became so damn much easier knowing that I am protected against those people who caused me pain. I built a wall and they can climb it by using other or new accounts but it's still the fact that you did the first move to do something about it that matters.

Do not think of anything else. If you think that someone is purposely hurting you, bullying your or you feel harassed even after you already talked to that someone, block them. If they kept on doing it using other accounts, report them in facebook. There are a lot of things to do to protect yourself from people online.

And I learned it the hard way.

But I know better now.

Know when enough is enough. It is your rights to refuse to be subject to abuse.

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  1. I don't even feel bad anymore unlike before when I block and unfriend people off Facebook. I'm done with toxic posts and people; life itself is toxic enough. I used to overthink things a lot regarding things like this, but now, I rarely do so because true, why make it difficult for yourself when you can just easily block them off (maybe even forever) You choose what you want to see and hear.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

    1. I am glad that I wasn't the only one who thought hard about blocking and unfriending people before but now found the fact that it can make life easier. Haha. Cheers!