Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Foodtrip and Staycation.

Congratulations to me! This is my second official 'gala' that is not family or 'work' related. It has been a while since I've last seen some of my closest friends that I met because of Wattpad. So when they started planning, I immediately said yes.

I even got a little worried when I received and event invite a few days before our supposed to be 'gala' but fortunately, even though the event invite will be held the same day, it's in the morning till afternoon and we're about to meet at dinner time so it is good.

We planned to eat dinner and have an overnight in Madison 101 Hotel. The idea of overnight is always there whenever we want to meet, so I suggested to just book a room in Madison since it is near to me and to where they wanted to have our dinner. One even thought that it is very expensive in Madison but I told her otherwise. And I was given a loyalty discount card so whenever I would book, I'd have 40% discount on rooms.

We were supposed to be five because others were busy. In the end, it's just the three of us, Anj and Crissey. Anj is coming from Pampanga at Crissey is coming from Bulancan.

We decided to meet in Madison and check in first. They arrived pretty late because of traffic. We hang out a bit then we book a grab to take us to Quezon Avenue, where Don Day Korean restaurant is located.

There are a lot of people so when we arrived, we're in the wait list, but we're the second ones so it's okay. I was a little worried that we might not enjoy our dinner since it was already nine pm and they closes at ten, but good thing we were still satisfied.

This is my third time to eat in a Don Day korean resto. The first and second time were in their former branch in Maginhawa. The first one was with Crissey and also another friend. It was only Php 399 at that time. That was about two years ago. 

Anj and Crissey.

And MELONA for desert!

After dinner, we went to the seven eleven next to Don Day so we don't have to go out of the hotel when we come back. We bought a few snacks and drinks. It's unfortunate that the wifi is having a problem that we had to rely on our data.

We spent the night just catching up, I was the first one to sleep of us, three, which is actually a little surprising. I used to be the last woman standing. But maybe I just got a little bit tired from the event that I retired earlier.

The next morning, I was the first one to wake up. Both of them woke up around 9am and they said that they got a good night sleep. We chit chat a bit some more while having some snacks. 

After checking out, we decided to go to Trinoma for lunch!

After so much deliberation, we decided to finally eat at Pizza Hut!


Of course, a few more stories has been told. I will surely miss them again. It's so nice to see friends after quite a while. I am beginning to feel like the old me again. I am still not that as comfortable as I am with socializing and I feel a little panic with so many people around but I am getting the hang of it.

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