Life Lately [10-24-17]

My October is a productive month for me. At least, that's what I'd like to think. It is also quite a memorable one because I have a few firsts and I am loving it. Creative ideas are still flowing and I still don't have any idea how to execute most of them. But hey, the world is changing and I am still hoping to make them come true soon!

  • To start the few 'firsts' that I experienced this month, I received my first 'paid' event invite and even though I am a little nervous because I came alone, everything went well. What I love about going to events like these are the giveaways, especially when they're really usable in everyday life. I really treasure and/or use them.
  • Second first is that I finally had the courage to apply for a part time job that even though I don't have experience yet, I know that I can do it. And I met my future bosses and it was awesome!
  • Our small business selling lumpiang shanghai, ham and hotdog roll and dynamite is doing great. People in our neighborhood are loving it!
  • My cellphone is unfortunately hanging for its life. Lol. I am not giving up on it yet. It got soaked and although it is still opening, the touchscreen isn't working. I gave it to my cousin to have a look on it and hoping it can still be fixed.
  • I am looking for more sellers/online shop owners/bazaaristas/merchants for the upcoming Wattpad Philippines Community Bazaar: Year Two! event that I am organizing. If you happen to want to participate or want to know more details, kindly comment below to get in touch with me!
  • I finally realized that maybe the reason why I don't get along that well with others because of the age difference. I mean, I love the people I met through wattpad and being a writer and all that but they're younger, and my generation is kind of different from them. Yes, we're all technology inclined people. But my goals aren't the same with them and I guess that's one of the main factor. They want to live in the moment while I also do that, I also think of the long term results of things. And usually, they do not.
  • I want to vlog so bad but I am so dang awkward in front of a camera. I want to do vlogs that only involves montage but it felt wrong. Lol. Whatever.
  • I am already excited in going back to Zambales this December. Yay!
  • I am looking for more venture this coming year.
  • Currently watching (aside from my usual fave tv shows) Blue Bloods and Training Day. Will make a different post about them.
So yeah, my October is really boring. Our internet just came back because I paid our bill late. I took care of other things first before the internet so yeah. Expect a few more blog posts from me before this month ends.

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