The Real Secret To A Long-Lasting Relationship.

I've heard the term FAMILY FIRST a million times already, and that is because it is something that everybody can relate to. Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be the people from your own same bloodline, because anyone who cares about you and you care for them as much are already family.

I came from a big family, especially on my father side. And I am the first grandchild on both my mother and father side, so imagine being not just the popular kid in the family, but also being popular to our family friends too! I've learned a thing or two when it comes to maintaining relationships growing up with  a lot of people surrounding me, watching me as I grew into who I am today. I admit, there's a little pressure, but I believe there's no running away from it so I learned to live with it.

The first thing in the list to a long-lasting relationship is not just saying how you care about that person, or how you love them, but actually showing or making them feel like you really do. Make every moment counts. Most people don't realize this. They think that because they see the person they care about or love everyday or they see each other frequently that it's enough to make them feel your presence. Our family is tight knit because we make sure to make every member feel that we truly care. Whenever any of us would celebrate something, we make sure to go and show up. I am especially close to my cousins. They're younger than me, obviously, and I make sure to pamper them as much as I can (but I don't spoil them) and I am very vocal in telling them I love them, thus, they are same to me. Tell them you care, that you love them, but don't just stop there. Make them feel it.

I mentioned above that I came from a big family. And we're close knit. The reason for this is because we always make time for each other. Yearly, I attend three to four family reunions. You read that right. It happens in either in summer or in December. We see to it that we see each other even just once a year! You won't believe how most of my relatives who came from province are very willing to go. We even have 'Officers' in every family gathering. We are very organized. I don't mean for you to ditch other responsibilities for it, but making sure you give them an amount of something priceless which is your time shows how you feel for a person. People sometimes forget to slow down and make time for the people they love. Time is ticking, and no one is getting younger everyday, so make sure to make time for the people you love.

Respect begets respect. I really do believe that this aspect is one of the reason why my whole family is very close, aside from giving effort and time. We see to it that everyone's opinions are respected. We are also a family of diversity. I have a few lesbian aunts and some gay cousins. But we love them the same. We're very accepting of everyone's choice, and I think that it is a very important thing everyone should think about. We also have high regards when it comes to our older family members. I don't usually see people my age that still get their parents or older people's hand to bless (mano) which is an unfortunate thing, but we still practice it. Showing respect can definitely make any relationship long lasting!

Me, my sister and some of our cousins from our mother side.

Me, my sister and some of our cousins from our father's side.
Just when I stumbled upon The Kramer Family in facebook and started watching their videos and the three children's pictures, I became #TeamKramer all the way. Their family is like a breathe of fresh air for me because I love how Cheska and Doug are very transparent with how they take care not just of the kids but also their whole household. Their family is very close knit just like mine, so I really relate to them.

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