The Road Of Being An Erotic Romance Writer So Far..

It all started with a dream that was movie-like. I didn't know what happened after then that I decided to try writing a story about that dream. At first I was a little hesitant because the dream was somewhat different, and I don't know if I can give justice to it because of its explicit content. And no, it wasn't a wet dream which was actually a surprising thing. It was like I was watching a movie that only I, who knows all the angles of the situation.

For anyone of you here who doesn't know me yet and what I do, I am a writer that got discovered from Wattpad. What is Wattpad? It is a writing and reading platform wherein anyone can writer and read for free as long as that person would make an account. I started posting stories there in 2011 and I was discovered around 2013. They offered me to publish my book, I Married The Ice King in my Elle Strange account where I write my romance and teen fiction stories. Yep, I started with the 'pakilig' stories most of you just see around the corner.

So when did it occured to me to finally try writing a more mature story?

It was late 2014. It was a high time of my writing career so far when that dream came to me. I shrugged it off because I didn't thought anything about it. Until it started to just pop up somewhere in my mind. I didn't know when exactly, but before I knew it, I was already typing the first chapter.

"Don't go." Mahina iyon ngunit malinaw.
Napatingin ako sa kamay ni Julian na ngayon ay hawak hawak na ang kamay ko. Tapos ibinalik ko sa mukha nya ang tingin ko.
"J-julian.." Hindi maampat ang bilis ng pintig ng puso ko.
Binitawan nya ang kamay ko na tila sya napaso at humakbang ng dalawang beses palayo sa akin. Napahilamos sya gamit ang kanyang kamay bago nagsalita. He looked problematic, but still dashing in his dark blue three piece suit.
"Look, what happened last night.. I admit nagustuhan ko iyon. But I don't want you to think that I'm a maniac or something. It's just that.. Just don't go. I can give you any job na tutumbas o lalagpas pa sa kikitain mo kapag pumunta ka sa Canada."
Napasinghap ako sa sinabi nya. "What? You're kidding, right?" This is unbelievable! How can he offer me something like this?
Nagiguilty na nga ako dahil nilasing ko sya kagabi para may mangyari sa amin to get rid of my virginity, tapos ganito? I became bold in thinking last night dahil alam ko na aalis na ako kinabukasan. Sino ba mag aakala na bigla na lang susulpot si Julian, non other than the Julian Darl Scott sa bahay ko at ayaw ako paalisin?
Bigla syang tumitig sa akin. "Do i look like i'm kidding, Miss San Sebastian?"
His grey eyes pierced my soul. Bigla ay nanghina ako.
"A-ano naman ang kapalit?" Surely, him saying na nagustuhan nya ang nangyari sa amin kagabi means something.
I lived my twenty three years being a virgin hanggang sa gumawa ako ng desisyon kahapon na sinulsulan naman ng mga kaibigan ko. And here it led me, sa harap ng supposedly ultimate crush ko mula elementary ako.
He sighed in frustration. "I don't know.." Lumaylay ang balikat nito. "Ano ba to'ng ginawa mo sa akin?" Then he looked at me again, kunot ang noo.
Napa awang ang labi ko sa tanong nya. "H-hindi ko a-alam.." Naguguluhan na sagot ko.
Imbes na magsalita ay lumapit sya at tinanggal mula sa pagkaka hawak ko ang trolley na hawak ko, pati na ang traveling bag na nasa balikat ko.
"You're not going anywhere, Katrina. Dito ka lang." His words are final.
That's the EXCERPT that I made which was a scene on the second chapter.
I made another account in Wattpad using the pen name Scarlette Queen. No one knew it was me at first, until I started telling a few co writers to give me feedback. They all loved it, so it fueled me. Until I finally completed it. The comments of the readers were also very encouraging. There's even a reader who kept on pointing out my spelling mistake and incorrect grammar, which I am thankful for.
It was then that I learned about an imprint that the company I am an exclusive writer to is brewing. And guess what it's all about? EROTIC ROMANCE! You read that right!
I smile whenever I think how timely everything seemed to be at that time. They already released a book before I actually finish The Unlikely Business in Wattpad. So when it's already finish, my editor took an interest in it. I was very giddy and excited as I ready my manuscript to be passed. When I got the feedback, I just need to revise some scene and a few other clarification and voila, it's done.
It was such a monumental moment. First, it's never in my wildest dream that I'd write something like this, let alone my first work be published after a few months that it was done writing. I started giving hint about my second persona but I still didn't fully tell anyone. Whenever my editor would ask me to join a book signing under my different pen name, I'd refuse because I wanted to be ready when the time comes.
I still continued writing while almost abandoning (sorry!) my other account. Not that I won't be writing anymore plain romance or even teen fiction again, but with erotic romance, it felt like I just found out something that I never knew I was looking for all along. So I was just riding with what I am currently feeling.
It was in Manila International Book Fair held in SMX Moa of the year 2015 that I decided to finally reveal myself, after almost a year of the release of The Unlikely Business and a few weeks of release of my second erotic romance novel titled Just One Reason. It was fun, and a lot of readers told me that they kind of got the hints, while some are shocked.
I became more open to the fact that I am actually writing erotic romance. Not that I was shy or embarrassed at first or something. Its just that I am still weighing myself if should I really pursue this. I recall being ecstatic seeing that my follower count grew in ScarletteQueen even before I told everyone that I am also ElleStrange, which by that time, has already accumulated a few thousands of followers already while writing romance and teen fiction.
Currently, I am still more guiltily active in writing erotic romance than romance and teen fiction. I want myself to grow and learn more through more writing and more reading. I want to have my own voice and style that my readers would easily spot. I feel like by writing more and letting my mind wander through the stories I make, I would be able to be better at this craft. I want to grow and be better.
I have a lot of on going stories posted in my Wattpad account. I don't want to hold back in writing new stories which means that my on going stories will pile up more because I don't want to lose the idea just to be discourage because of the number of my unfinished stories. Stories takes time. One chapter with 2.5k words sometimes gets 3 to 5 hours of my day. Just the idea, the thought and other things to be thought about before an actual chapter is to be made is a little tricky. I just hope other readers who loves demanding to us, writers, to post another update after we just posted the newest chapter.
But I love what I do, and if anyone is like me or wants to try doing the same thing I am doing, I suggest you try.
I am encouraging writers to try writing erotic romance if they think they can, or if they want. I want to stop the stigma of people feeling disgust with writers writing such genre or judging readers who read such genre. People can write or read whatever story or book they want. If you don't like reading a more mature story or book, don't, but please do not judge or feel disgust with other readers and writers who chose to read and write so.
I can see myself still writing erotic romance stories even ten years from now, hoping that by that time, people are already more open and accepting to the writers and readers who writes and reads erotic romance stories.

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