If You Do Good, The Universe Will Conspire To Reward You.

I am a believer of good karma, but I don't depend on it whenever I do the things I do. I let the nature take it's course, especially when punishing the bad, and rewarding the good.

It has been a few years since this story that I am going to tell you happened, but it's still etched in my mind because it was a little odd.. and rewarding.

A few years ago, me and my friends are going to this event by a certain company. It will be held in a mall nearby, so I thought, why not? Besides, I like attending events, especially I know that most of events like this, they give freebies or something. Another plus is that, I'll be with my friends whom I haven't been with for quite a long time already. We took pictures, ate ice cream and had fun before we went to the event itself.

Going to the venue, I saw a mother and daughter picking up what seems to be like things that spilled from their plastic bag. I hurriedly went and helped, as the daughter was still too young to know what is going on. My friends, whom I pretty sure they didn't saw the scene and me stopping by to help, just kept on walking. The mother just kept on telling me 'Thank you' the whole time, but I was just smiling. When all of the things are back in the plastic, she said another 'Thank you' with a wide smile. I told her it was nothing.

Now I hurriedly look back to my friends. They're already  taking pictures under this big Christmas Tree display in the mall. I joined them, and then we proceeded to the event, it wasn't starting yet. We actually came there to check out this bank we like. Lol. 

I felt the need to go tot he restroom, so I told them to wait for me. There's a line, since there's a lot of people in that mall at that time. Suddenly, two older ladies came, talking about the urgency to use the bathroom. I felt the same, but I remember when my grandmother told me that their need to go to the bathroom since they are older is quite urgent. I can wait a few more, so I told them to go in front of me on the line. They were thankful.

After that, I went back and the event was already starting.

We registered our names and we were given raffle numbers. Throughout the show, they are giving away a few things. I was really hoping to get even just the consolation prize, I just want something to bring home to.

My friends are already a little bored, so they wanted to go around a little and just go back. I was enjoying a little so I told them they can go. They went around, it's just me and a friend left. They already gave away all of the consolation prizes and I wasn't really very lucky with these things. So I just talked to my friend.

When they announced the next winner, my friend recognized the number and pulled my hand with big eyes. I checked my number and just stood up, went to the stage. They looked at my number and they handed me an envelope. I was a little disappointed but still very grateful. I thought it was those voucher that will only give discounts if you avail a service or their products. I went back to my seat and saw that it's actually a SODEXO Gift certificate worth Php2000!

Was it pure luck or good karma?

I went home and gave the other half to my mom, she used it to buy a pair of shoes and some accessories in SM while I used mine to treat my sister with my date with her.

It was unexpected and rewarding at the same time!

It also helped that what I received was a SODEXO Gift certificate because I had the chance to use it and my mother to buy different things, it also helped that it can be used almost everywhere! Added tot he fact that it will always be forever valid, and that the replacement of the gift certificate is free of charge once the validity date is reached!

You can also check the list of merchants you can use it for: SODEXO MERCHANTS

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