Review | Profeet Cracked Heel Balm in Lemon and Orange.

Tupperware brand came up with a line in their wide array of products that specializes on our feet, which isn't very common with most of the 'beauty' and 'healthy' brands out there, locally or internationally. We've had our tupperware bottles, lunch boxes and food storage and now, we're also trying their other products!

One of the things that my mom's really struggling with is her cracked heels. She loves to walk, sometimes she even makes an excuse to go out just to take a walk. We're nearby the Araneta Center and she loves to just walk around, buying something or not. And cracked heels shouldn't be something that should stop her.

Profeet cracked heel balm can be bought in a 50g round plastic container. They have other profeet products that targets issues with our feet, but since this is the only thing that we needed, we bought it separately. The product smells divine. The orange and lemon combination smells relaxing and calming. I swear the smell is amazing. The balm is also very moisturizing. 

Now, I may not rally like walking around but it doesn't mean that I don't have crack in my heels. I do, just a few ones, but they're still there! So I also use this. as per the direction says, I don't just rub the product into my heels, but I also kind of massage it for better absorption. I am actually enjoying it plus I smell orange and lemons, so, really! You won't have a reason to be lazy.

Whenever I use this before I sleep, I would sometimes cover my feet with plastic and top it with socks and let it stay overnight. If you would be comfortable with this set up, go try it!

Profeet Cracked Heel Balm is available in any local Tupperware warehouse or any Tupperware seller near you.

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