Why I Hate Back-To-School/School Supplies Haul Videos.

For every blogger or vlogger, I know that content is important. But being authentic is more.

I've blogged about hating some of the old videos made by the magcon boys that consists of wasting food, playing with food or throwing food at each other. And I hate every video with that, not just from them but from any youtuber or vlogger. They do challenges wherein they would play with food and stuff and I really can't take it. I think that they can make better video with better content without playing and wasting food.

When it comes to haul videos, I always find it hard to understand why some of these vloggers vlogs about BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL or SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL videos when they don't even go to school anymore. Or they stopped going to school anyway.

They show these flashy notebooks and expensive ballpens to their subscribers acting like they would use it but I do believe that after the video was made, it'll only collect dust in some corner of their aesthetically pleasing apartment or flat, never to be seen again. Now, I know not everyone's like this, but most of them are. Some even admits to not really needing or using the products, they just bought because it's cute or they just wanted to make a video out of it.

Which is very stupid.

They put out their self as authentic, as true to their self and their videos speak for what or who they are but they put out content that makes their subscribers believe is a part of who they are when they are not. 

How many back to school or school supplies haul videos can someone make? Some even make three videos a year! Like are you eating your supplies?!

I know, it is their prerogative to buy whatever the hell they want. I shouldn't care if they would use it or not, it is their own hard earned money they used in buying these things. It's just that I feel deceived when it comes to these things. I don't know if it's just me. I enjoy watching haul videos, especially clothes and other stuff. And it makes me feel comfortable and at ease knowing that they bought those things because they either needed to, or because they really want to and they would actually use it.

But with school supplies and back to school things when you don't even go to school, or you go and will actually use those but bought so many unnecessary thing just for the sake of showing cute and impressive stuff in the video.. I hate that.

I hate that they disclose details as to how they needed that certain product in their life, or how they plan to use the product/s but they just say it as a part of the 'content' of the video. I don't want to sound very bitter about this matter. I am guilty of buying unnecessary things even when I was younger and I realized how many things I have or bought that I don't really need. I just bought it just because I can buy it. 

Which sucks.

And maybe the reason why I hate the fact is because I already learned how useless it was.

And vloggers has so many people looking up to them. I feel like they are putting out bad content by making their subscribers think of them as someone in their minds with these videos when they are not.

I hope I make sense.

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