10 Songs That Made My College Life Bearable.

It all started when I was in High School. My taste in music became a little diverse, to the point that I have to listen using headphones because my mom would tell me it's not music but just loud screaming. Lol. And while I loved post-hardcore and hardcore music around that time, there are songs from different genre that I always listens to, or became iconic because of the corresponding moment way back that I listen to them.

Let me know if you know or you also like any song in my list.

Some people get cring-y whenever this song's been mentioned. But this is the songs that I remember I always almost listens to whenever we're waiting for our PE1 instructor. It's one of those times that I don't have close friends yet because it's just the start of the semester and so my mp3 is my friend, and I got hooked with this song. It also calms me and makes me emotional but whatever. Now, whenever I listen to this, PUP's gym is already on my mind. Lol.

I loved only two boys when I was in college. Everyone else is irrelevant. Lol. One of them used to love to listen to The Used just like me. He knows I like him so much, but we're friends. Maybe it was the start of me just liking the in-betweens, liking the could-be and the possibilities, not the result. We were just so close. And one day, he just sent this song to me in my friendster (friendster days) account without any word or anything. He had a few girlfriends throughout our friendship but this song made me feel like I am still somewhat special. So I feel really nostalgic whenever I listen to this.

I don't know what came into me when I just thought of forming a production team and organize a gig. It happened, but our first gig isn't successful, but we all learned from it. And I still pursue it after a little while since then. This was the prime moments of my college years. I go to school, I go to gigs, I go home. Repeat. Lol. Most of the bands that are signing up to perform are either hardcore or post-hardcore (hence my interests was awaken) and this song by BTF has been a favorite. There are gigs when three to four bands (sometimes in a consecutive manner) would cover this song and this would just play in my head until I am already the one requesting them to cover this.

I'd listen to this when I was sitting on the floor in front of our class room while waiting for the first class to finish. I was broken hearted. It was a painful time and I even thought of using MARY JANE just to numb the pain. But I didn't. I made it! I can't count how many times this song accompany me when I was crying, not just when I was broken at that time, but also just recently. It may be a song that reminds me of those painful times but this song is special because this song's the only thing that's with me during those times.

I've known this song since I was in High School but I brought it with me until I was in college. This is also like an anthem. From being in PUP to the school I transferred to, My Heart will always be my go-to song to cover or something. It makes me feel in love. Lol. I don't want to sound cheesy or something. I remember so many memories or people whenever I listen to this.

These songs are my 'everyday' songs. May it be at school, malls or even at the house. Discovered them through a friend, that well, fell for me around that time and he'll sing this whenever we're together. I friendzoned him even when friendzoned isn't even a thing. Lol. I tried liking the guy, but I can just really offer friendship. I still love these songs though.

It's one of those songs that I just always hear and likes but didn't really know the title. Although I know it's from FOB. Lol. I have classmates who listens to this song because it became so mainstream at that time and I bond a few of them with this.

It was a time where I Write Sins, Not Tragedy is their mainstream song but when I learned about them and their songs, this is what I really jam to. It's my pick me up song. We don't have internet before and whenever I go to inter shop to research, I'll load this song and it makes me feel really chill.

I loved this song first because of the weird music video, then Gerard's close up's and then the overall song. I am actually debating putting this one or Teenagers or Cancer. Lo. I don't love you won! I have all the songs from their Black Parade album in my mp3 before and the three are the most songs I listen to and this one won by a point by the mv and well, Gerard's close up.

Yep. These were the type of music I used to listen to (I still listen to them now, of course, but my taste is more diverse now) when I was in college. Did you know any of these? Let me know! :)

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