Post Christmas Staycation With Friends At Madison 101 Hotel + Tower.

Ever since I started posting about my experience and staycations at Madison, a few friends has become interested in going there too. And whenever they ask me what its like, I always rave about how comfortable and good their service there and how easy they can go at the Hotel. So it's no brainer that when my long time friends thought of having a staycation to catch up (see the pattern of my friends wanting staycations with me to catch up because I have been really MIA for the past few months) since it has been too long since the last time, we decided that Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is the place.

During my first stay there when I won in a contest that they hosted, I am already fortunate to be able to be friendly with some of the staffs and some people who work there. Aside from the discount cards they gave me, I can also ask them for more promos if they have an on going one which they give me happily.

So to speak, we had a discount! A huge one and we're so thankful!

This is the room we stayed at. It is their triple sharing room, perfect for us since there will be three of us. It's the fourth type of room in Madison that I tried. I already stayed at their Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Family room once each with other friends and it's nice to know that minus the carpeted floor and their signature gray beddings and towels folded into animals, the experience is still the same.

The room we got is at the end of the hallway, so I guess that's why it is bigger. Which is a good thing!

There seems to be a group of people near our room who are partying or people that surprised their friend that made noise around the whole floor and Frances has been joking "Hindi lang kayo naka check in dito," and we will be laughing. Lol.

So of course, what would be a staycation to catch up without foods, right?

McDonalds, Caramia and Pancake House has been our savior.

I ordered Caramia through FoodPanda!

It was fulfilling. Unfortunately, Frances had to sleep and rest earlier because she suddenly started sneezing. Denise and I stayed until around 4am! I woke them up around past 7am because I know they will be hungry in a while and delivery will take an hour. They craved for Pancake House so I called the nearest one that's open. But they referred me to their delivery hotline instead and thirty minutes later, it's a success!

We took our time after breakfast. We all seems to agree that we're still too lazy to get up. The bed's too comfortable, and it's lulling us to just stay in bed. After getting ready for check out, we agreed to have a mini photo shoot at the lobby.

We had to wait a few minutes since the lobby was full when we went down. We checked out and lingered for a little while. Denise and Frances seemed to enjoy the lobby as well.

Here are some more photos.

The photo of us three above is a little awkward one. When it was time for us to take our photos together, a group of guys sat at the sofa in front of us and it's a little uncomfortable. Lol. We survived!

They have this huge wall opposite to the elevators with this sign.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

You can check Madison 101 Hotel + Tower's website and social media accounts:

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