Pizza Hut's Pizza and Empanada Hybrid: Pizzanada!

I forgot when was the first time that Pizza Hut introduced their Pizza Slice on the go feature wherein they started to have smaller branches and stalls that caters to the people who would just like a slice or two of their favorite Pizza Hut pizza. But it was impressive. They utilized what they can offer people who don't have time to sit down or wait a little longer for pizza's to be baked especially if its take out.

I have been a fan of Pizza Hut since time immemorial. My love for Pizza started when I was young, and even thought a few people I know don't necessarily like their pizza (may it be because of the super thick crust, or the texture, or the oily toppings) because of various reasons that are exactly the reasons why I love them. I love their crust. I like the oiliness of the pizza because for me, it gives of the flavor more.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about their pizzas. I know most of you might have see these little stuffed food and if you fortunately haven't had the chance to taste it yet, let me tell you how it taste!

Pizzanada is a hybrid of pizza and empanada. Basically it is an empanada that's the flavors are from their pizza's flavors. It's a stuffed pizza. And they're only Php49 per piece! They have three flavors:

Beef shawarma, 3 Cheese bacon and Cheesy hotdog.

I bought four pieces, but only two flavors. I wanted my brother and sister to taste them too so I got four. When I was just breaking the two pieces, the smell is so dang inviting and mouth watering. Especially when I saw what's inside.

Just like their pizza, it's a little bit oily and saucy but the taste? Superb! Hindi tinipid ang palaman. I would recommend it to everyone. I got full with just one piece and I have a huge appetite, mind you! But of course I also have to taste the other flavor. Lol.

Overall, the convenience, the price and the taste is something that I can tell people that it's all worth it. Especially for everyone who wants to have something to eat on the go.

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  1. You honestly made more excited to go back to the Philippines so I could try this already. It looks so yum! 😅

    xx, Myrra

    1. Haha at least, one more addition to the many reasons to go back here! :)