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(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all of my opinions stated in this post are all mine)

Our hair isn't called our crowning glory for nothing. And when it comes to beauty products, hair products are also evolving to cater to every people's different hair care needs as time goes by. Even this vegalash review shows that our eyelashes still needs to be taken care of. From hair spray to hair cuticle to conditioner. Coloring hair used to be something that only professionals are allowed to do, but everything is easier now that you can buy kits with instructions on how to do it at home.

I used to be someone who doesn't really think much of taking care of my hair. For me, shampoo and conditioner will do fine, and then voila! Hair's clean. It's not until I was already working that I realized how my hair is starting to get really dry and thin. Also, I realized how a hair can say a lot about your appearance especially as a working individual.

And I realized three things to make sure that my hair would be cleaner and healthier.

1. Make sure that the shampoo/conditioner is totally washed off of our heads. There are instances that we're in so much hurry that we thought we already thoroughly washed our heads but there's shampoo and conditioner left in our scalp that when it dries, it becomes dandruff.

2. Make sure to use quality products when you want to color your hair or you want it to be treated. Make sure that you'll have the time for treated and colored hair needs dedication as it needs to have maintenance. 

3. Cut at least half an inch to an inch of your hair every three to four months to prevent split ends as well as dry ends.

Now, when it comes to styling, I used to think that choosing between letting my hair fall down or have it tied to a ponytail are the only options I have but that changed and I saw the beauty of trying different styles. From having super long hair to having it cut to be really short, you can also have it in locs, curled or braided.

And for people who doesn't want to take the plunge yet but wants to try, you don't really need to take the risk yet because there are other option, like having wigs!

Wigs used to be just straight ones so it would look like real as someone's hair, and you can style it whatever you want, but the good news is that, there are now wigs wherein you can buy it but it is already styled!

There are a lot of stores, physical or online wherein you can buy everything you need about your hair.

One of the one stop shop not for just wigs, Black Hair Spray online store also has products for hair care, even for kids! They are are beauty e-commerce company with clients all over the world that spans from professional stylists, working mothers, beauticians as well as students. They offer thousands of quality wigs and hair care products in their site.

From their braids, goddess locs to curls, you can also choose from the wide variety of colors of wigs that they offer.

#BlackHairSpray also offer free shipping for $50 orders and up!

So style up your hair and try wigs!

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