I Am A "We" | Sense8 Raves And Rants.

I am tearing up while I am typing this post because I feel so damn affected with the fact that I can only watch these people again on the upcoming two-hour special episode finale for the show. They cancelled the show after 2 seasons because while the fans are passionate for the show, it's not enough since the show's costs is really expensive. And while I do understand their reason (they shoot from different countries and the man power would be massive) for this, I hope they reconsidered the importance that this show is actually perceiving its audience.

While big companies spends tons of millions in producing shows that aren't really helping when it comes to social problems or any problems at all, they decides that Sense8 isn't worthy to spend something on anymore and I feel so dang bad for this. The positivity it gives not just on being a member of LGBTQ community but to all people for being different is huge. I myself didn't even think about this at all at first, but as the finale is approaching, I realized how this show impacted me in a lot of ways.

I don't even know if I am happy that I discovered this show or I am regretting that I watched this because I feel totally wrecked and craving for more.

I have heard a lot about this show but when I first read the summary on Wikipedia, I felt like at that time, I am not in the mood for it. But since I got overwhelmed with watching almost 10 episodes of House of Cards consecutively in one sitting, I wanted to watch a different series for a change before I continue and I finished Sense8 in one and a half day. 

And now I am craving for more that the butterflies in my stomach isn't helping.

Let me introduce you to the characters of this wonderful and life changing show.

Will is the de facto leader of their cluster. He's a Chicago cop and he tries to protect everyone from their cluster. He fell in love with Riley, a member of their cluster. He always has this protective instinct and his skills as a cop helped them a lot in dangerous situations.

Nomi is like the mother of the whole cluster. Like Will, she uses her abilities to protect them all against BPO, the organization that haunts them down to be experimented. She's a transexual hacker and she's always there when anyone would need her.

Riley is a well known DJ with a very heartbreaking past. She had run-ins with drugs and dangerous people. She was the first member of their cluster that Will saw, and they both fell in love as the show progressed.

Sun is a businesswoman and a warrior. She can fight and she let her abilities help anyone who needed help in their cluster. She's selfless and her life is also heartbreaking but she found herself a family in the cluster. She doesn't talk much and she doesn't like drama but she tolerates them because she loves them.

Wolfgang is the meanest of the cluster. He was born into a mafia family. He's cold and reckless. But he has a soft spot in his heart for all of the member of their cluster. He fell in love at first sight with Kala but he pushed her away because he knew she deserves better. He's also a helping hand when it comes to fighting, breaking in and stealing cars.

Lito is a very passionate Mexican actor that has a dark secret. He's gay, and he lives with his partner in secret on his pad. He's a total drama queen but he has a good heart. He's a comic relief in the group. He can be funny even if the situation is serious.

Kala is a Scientist from India. She's a good girl who loves her family so much. She is set to be married to his boss's son when Wolfgang entered her life. She fell in love with him too. She's the resident chemical bomb maker of the cluster and amidst being a good girl, she knows she can be brave too.

Capheus is an ordinary bus driver from Kenya. He has a good heart and simple dreams. He loves his mother very much and he is willing to do everything for her, even entering dangerous situations that his cluster helps him, especially Sun. He's a very inspiring character.

You can see the diversity of the casts and that's one of the many things that I like about this show. It's so diverse that you won't think how they would fit together. I was blown away. Many people says they got a little confused as the show did not spoon feed the fans as to how things happens. And I like it that way. 

I'll have a part 2 post wherein I will list everything I like in this show and why people should watch too.

Have you watched SENSE8 too? What can you say about it?

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  1. I have so many feelings about this show! Oh my god. I definitely didn't know what I was getting myself into when I watched the pilot. It went downhill from there. I finished two seasons in two days - just to find out it'll be cancelled a few weeks later!!! I was so emotionally invested. This was such a diverse show and everything is there. I'm still so heartbroken that we'll only get a special episode and not a new season.

    xx, Richel V. | http://www.richelvergara.com ♥