January 2018 Highlights.

I don't know if I can do this regularly but I want to list and take note of all the little achievements I have achieve each month. I believe that it can help me be more motivated because I really need more motivation recently. I feel like I started this year strong but I am slowly drifting again. I haven't had much sleep since this year came. The longest sleep I ever had is only eight hours, and that just happened twice while I am always awake no less that eighteen hours each day.

I know this isn't healthy but I guess, this is really how my body wants me to work.

1. I am currently in training to be one of the head of the romance department.
Not everyone knows this, but I have been currently working as a plotter in a publishing company based in US. So yeah, we communicated via internet. Via Slack, to be specific. I am a plotter. I am not going to explain my job description but the point is, despite my shortcomings because of being sick and overall not feeling well from December to January, they still think that I am worth being promoted. So that's so far is the biggest achievement of this month.

2. Visited two coffee shops and have some work done.
I posted about my experiences when I went to Book and Borders Cafe as well as when me and Rayne went to High Grounds Cafe in Timog. The first time I went to B&B, I just wanted to see how things work there. And when I decided that it looks perfect to get some work done, I went there when I received another plot to work in to. For the almost five hours I stayed there, I did my work fast rather that when I was just at home. I plan to go back there soon. While in High Grounds, Rayne and I brainstormed about our upcoming 'project' and we stayed there from 10pm to 5am. It's a nice environment, we talked about whatever we want to talk about without worrying that people would spy on us. Lol.

3. Posted constant updates on Crash and Burn.
I've posted at least 6 chapters on my story Crash and Burn and I think that's so far one of the most updates I posted in a month. Lol. There are just times that I want to know what will happen to the story so much that I am motivated to write the next chapter.

Those three are the most little achievements I had so far. What's your achievements last January?

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  1. My client and I also talk on Slack. Nice tool.
    Glad to have found your blog. A lot of interesting things here.