This is how instagram is slowly making you a zombie.

Instagram is slowly turning you into a zombie and you don't even notice.

Social media can be a little daunting to use, but it's amazing how most people are now accustomed to it that maintaining a certain 'image' via visual content becomes a top priority. And when it comes to stepping up the visual content game, you have to especially show it off on Instagram.

So, how does Instagram slowly turns you into a zombie?


The need to be always stepping up your game with the feed aesthetics, always getting the perfect shot, the effort to make a certain look and the need to look for others and what they do as their goals are the virus that slowly gets into your system. And while you think that there's nothing wrong with doing something you like or having goals to motivate you, it slowly takes away your own real and authentic dreams and even your own self.

Have you ever thought of your goals before you started thinking of what theme you should do to your Instagram account? Have you ever thought about what it felt like taking pictures of yourself without having to look for the right angle or the right lighting? Have you ever miss the feeling of just posting pictures for the memories and not to show off or to let people see that you're in this type of lifestyle? Have you even remember the time when people don't have to adjust anything to their photos?

Seems like the main goal nowadays is to have that Instagram feed that will be the source of envy. Yes, it gives valuable content when it is partnered by an informative caption but it just feeds the hunger of everyone to be better and better at this game. One goal. Just like how zombies just crave for brains is like how everyone seems to just have this one goal of being able to give off this certain persona in Instagram for people to see.

It's a sad reality that when you go out, there aren't much people talking, all are glued to their phone, looking out for the next goal or next dream they should pursue that has been pursued by other people via their latest Instagram posts. Museums and galleries are being visited for them to take photos of the artworks to be displayed at their feed. Every business should look aesthetically pleasing for people to notice, it doesn't even matter now if the food or drinks or even the service is worth it. Just to be able to take the 'perfect' shots is what matters most.

Undiscovered places are being discovered through series of well-taken photos, which is a good thing for it entices everyone to travel. But they do travel not to have fun, but to actually just take photos to be displayed and to be praised at.

Instagram is making people zombies.

You're on the streets but you're looking down at your phone. You're on a dinner with friends or family yet you're not talking to them, you'd rather look for the next interesting thing to do, to go to, to eat or what theme and trend to follow to be posted on your account. As you see the number of followers growing and going up, you feel the fuel, comforting yourself, telling yourself that what you are doing is good.

But is it?

You buy something nice you see on the department store, you're thinking it will look good to your feed even though you don't need it, and then you'll spend thirty minutes trying to get the right shot for that thing you bought to be posted on Instagram and then you'll put it somewhere, never to be used again. You live now in a world where even eating will be a struggle because the food needs to be looking appetizing so people would also crave for it. Where you post a nice picture of a certain place so people would also be interested to go so they can experience what you told them you experienced. It's a cycle.

It's a little alarming that this is what is happening.

This is how Instagram is slowly making you a zombie. 

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