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Growing up, whenever someone would ask me if what I want to be when I grow up, I always say that I wanted to be a businesswoman. Having your own business and be financially free is a perfect life for the little young me. I grew up with the notion that you have to go to school, study hard to graduate to be able to find a 'good' job and eventually, if you're lucky, you might have the opportunity to have a business of your own. 

But I grew up and I was slapped by the harsh reality of life. Most things I believed when I was young is turning out to be really far from the world that I would grew up to. In layman's term, I became WOKE and I realized how life is really unfair.

But I know it shouldn't stop me.

I don't remember when it happened but I just woke up one day and I realized that I am different. I feel different and I want to do things differently. Impossible things.

When I was just seventeen years old, I have this thought of wanting to organize a gig wherein me and my friends would enjoy and my friends who have bands can play. It was impossible to think that I can do it because of my age, and second, we don't have any money to spend on! But I was determined and my friends decided to help.

Long story short, we held our first gig and even though it wasn't a success, the fact that we pulled it through is something I am proud of. It was a memorable thing for me as it has became my foundation to do better. The next gigs I organized (yes, it didn't stop me) are all better and are a success. I wouldn't do it without knowing what I did wrong on the first one. Although I wasn't really active now, I still know the things from my experience and I can still use them given the chance.

I started reading romance pocketbooks when I was just around eleven years old. I know, I shouldn't have, but I really liked it, and from there, I started writing. Scripts, poems and stories. I have dreamt of being a published writer like my ultimate idol, The Romance Diva, Martha Cecilia. It was an impossible dream for my young mind, so I just write and write. I shared my stories to my classmates and friends.

It was around September 2013 when a publishing house sent me an offer of publishing my stories. Imagine my shock and happiness? A few of my stories got published and my dream of becoming a published writer that I thought would be impossible actually happened, and they're the ones who opened the door for me. It was such a monumental moment for me. Being a published writer paved opportunities for me.

I have started blogging around the time that I started organizing gigs. But the thing is, I blog because I wanted to have an outlet to share my thoughts and all the stuff going on in me and in my head. It went on for years.When I became a published writer, I became inactive in blogging because I became focused on writing.

About three years ago, I learned that blogging can also be a source of income. I have seen these blogs and bloggers going around town and the world just with blogging. I know it isn't easy, so as much as I wanted to do it too, it's impossible to do it because I don't know where or how to start. I was so clueless.

But I just continued blogging. Until one offer came, and I knew I was in the right track. I don't necessarily get offers to blog or promote products in exchange for monetary gain all the times like the other, but I already get one or two every month or every two months which is more than I can ask for. If there will be more, then I will be thankful.

And now, me and another published writer friend is planning on building a physical shop where in we can sell self published books and independently published books for it to be more accessible to the readers and help writers who published their own stories. Not everyone can get an offer from a publishing house and we're all about pursuing passion and dreams and reaching goals. I think this will be a good opportunity for other writers and the Philippine Literature.

I know it will be hard and impossible. But we want to do this and we love what we do.

I am all about doing my passion and what I want in life. But things sometimes don't go the way you want it or the way you planned it. But there can be ways.

I want to be a #BlogOPPOlis creator scholar because if there is one brand that I would want to work with or have a relationship with, OPPO would be on top of the list. They're doing promotions by reaching out to people, doing campaigns that can help not just the people from the creative industry but also to everyone on all walks of life.

Not every brand can do that, or would think of doing that. And that makes OPPO special for me.

If I would be lucky enough to be accepted as one of #BlogOPPOlis creator scholar, I think it will be a good opportunity for me as well as on my passion and causes to be a part of a brand/company that's all about the people and the community. It will be a step up for me also because OPPO's influence reaches lengths.

I think that being a part of #BlogOPPOlis will be a memorable experience for me also and it will also add to my experience to be better on the path that I was heading.

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