Foodie Adventures | Calixto's Cafe and Restaurant (Lucena)

The first place that me and my cousins visited was Calixto's Cafe and Restaurant. Calixto's is an old ancestral house that was turned into a family friendly restaurant. It is located at the heart of the busies place in Lucena and can be easily spotted because of its charming look.

Going inside made us feel like we've been transported a few decades back because of its interior. Minus the modern appliances, Calixto's is surely a sight to see and a place to be. We made sure to really immersed our self with the place.

The rustic yet cozy feels that the wooden walls, tables and chairs gives off is truly an amazing experience for us. Of course, I didn't lose the chance to do a few shots around the house.

I used my cousin as a prop! Lol.

We took our time going around the place while we wait for the food to be served. We knew that they serve Filipino dishes, but we didn't expect that they'd serve us this much!

Our mouth water when we saw what they served us. I mean, just look at that beauty! It's a one stop shop for everything delicious! They got red-shelled sea food, grilled pork, chicken inasal, dried fishes, salted egg and vegetables! 

After taking a few shots, we decided to dig in! The owner and his daughter joined us for lunch and we exchanged stories and stuff. It was a fun experience.

Okay, I know you saw the lobster there. It wasn't really a part of the bunch but the owner wanted to give us something extra. So me and my cousins shared the lobster. Allergies.. what allergies? Luckily, I survived eating a part of the lobster and a few shrimps which is by the way unlike any other! I tasted a lot of buttered shrimps before but this one from Calixto's tops it all. It's buttery and it's delicious! My two cousins agrees as well.

The boodle fight bundle is only 1,200PHP and it's already for 4-5 people. Or even more! I mean, have you seen the contents of that stuff? Of course you can add some more.. like the coveted Pancit Chami and Sinigang na Isda. The fish would depend on what is available but they make sure that it's fresh.

And oh, before I forgot. This thing here made an appearance as well.

I am not really into exotic foods (yes, this is already exotic for me) and it wasn't in my intention to eat it but all of them urged me and well.. it's kind of delicious, I wasn't going to lie.

After eating, we stayed a few more minutes to chill. It was such a nice place to be with your family and friends. The windows are big, the natural lights coming in makes everything better.

They were also featured in a news paper back then. I was told that around the area, there's only 2 ancestral house left, and one of them is Calixto's. It was such an honor that I got to visit here.

Calixto's Cafe and Restaurant
80 Allarey St, Lucena, 4301 Quezon

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