Foodie Adventures | Wild Wings - Buffalo Wings & Fries (Lucena)

Around a month ago, I decided to continue writing an unfinished manuscript of mine just sitting at the drafts section in my wattpad. The setting of that story will mostly be in Lucena and I wanted to know more about the places I think I can use and describe in the story. While I've been to Lucena a lot of times before, I haven't had the chance to truly go around it especially experience eating at local places.

First of the three places who accommodated me and my cousins that I will be talking about is Wild Wings - Buffalo Wings & Fries. They're a neighborhood food house that serves buffalo wings dishes with rice and french fries as a side dish.

We arrived at the place after lunch. One of my cousin who came with me actually already ate here and he said the food is good. Once we came in, I noticed how spacious and nice the place is. There's a lot of people eating when we came in. Mostly are students or teenagers around the area.

I met with a few staffs and we talked about what we should try in their menu.

While waiting, me and my cousins took the liberty of taking more pictures of the place.. and ourselves! Ha!

A few minutes that the place is almost empty because the next minutes, more people came again.
My cousins, Paulo and Hannah. They're locals of Lucena.

Our food arrived after a few minutes!
My fave in this three would be the Teriyaki. I can't take really spicy dishes but I tried it all. The Spicy garlic isn't as spicy as I thought it would be. It's still tasty and tangy with a little kick of spices but the Lava Wings.. well, you can very well know by its name. It's still tasty as well but my tongue can only taste so much spiciness in one sitting!

I also love that at its price points, they even have french fries as a side dish. Really worth it!

These dishes are very affordable. Check out their pricing below!

Small Rice Meals (4 pcs. Wings)
Regular meal : 65PHP
Unli rice meal: 80PHP

Large Rice Meals (8 pcs. Wings)
Regular meal: 115PHP
Unli rice meal: 130PHP

Regular: 30PHP
Add ons: 10PHP

And.. of course they have desserts! We tasted all three and we love them!

Check their pricing below!

Wild Wings Desserts
Blueberry Cheesecake (Largest): 75PHP
Leche Flan: 25PHP
Black Forest: 25PHP

The staffs as approachable, they're just a little too shy.

I'll definitely come back as they are very accommodating with us.

Wild Wings - Buffalo Wings & Things
Location: Brgy. 2 Enriquez St. Lucena, City 4301
Contact Number: 094946929541

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