Foodie Adventures | Yoshimeatsu - Unli Yakiniku

Yoshimeatsu is a fusion of Korean and Japanese grill restaurant along Tomas Morato. Me and my friend are lucky enough that we were able to try their service and food! We've been looking forward in tasting more and more places or restaurants that serves Korean dishes and were very fortunate that Yoshimeatsu gave us the chance to experience it with them!

The place isn't really big but they were able to really maximize the space to be able to fit the big tables with grill and the chairs. There's a mezzanine with more tables up. They have automatic system in ordering or asking for more food. Every table is connected with a tablet-like monitor where people can just click something that the staffs can bring them.

The table is already set up when we came in. Luckily, we didn't have to stand in line since there's no line yet when we came.

Here's what I think of the overall experience we had in Yoshimeatsu:

1. Everything is delicious. It's not an exaggeration. From the meat that we grilled to the side dishes, yum! We didn't taste anything bad, nor some side dishes smelling bad as well. We really enjoyed the food.
2. The place is very clean, neat and cool. It looks and feels really maintained.
3. The staffs are attentive.
4. The service is also fast.
5. They play Korean songs..or at least they did when we were there.

We stayed there for almost two hours, just chit-chatting while eating. They may play music, but it's not loud that we can still talk and hear each other clearly. It's a good place to pig-out while having heart to heart with a friend. Haha!

And yay for these ice cream for dessert! The consistency is very creamy and the taste isn't too sweet, which me and my friend really liked.

258-D Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
0933 822 2771

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