I lived the way I used to live.

I was obviously MIA from the blogging and writing world for a while.. or almost three months to be exact. During this MIA period, I would like to think that I lived my life the way I used to without being the writer or the blogger me. I was just the plain me who lurks the internet, binge-watching my favorite TV series and Korean dramas, gave in to sleep whenever I feel sleepy, and just.. be normal. 

I recently realized that my life has become a bit too different to the way I envisioned my life would be at this age and moment. Well, I would like to believe that there are also a lot of people out there who are also struggling with their 'adult' life and with the way their current life turned the way they weren't really planning to be. In my case, I guess I am still on the 'lucky' side because my life didn't really turned that bad. I mean, I still get to do the the things I love to do and make a living out of it although it wasn't as glamorous as other people think. Also, the monetary gain isn't exactly enough as well.

Knowing that, I tried to step back and look back at the things I could have done, or I should do for a better 'disposition' in the future. I took a breather, stopped caring for the blog, the stories I should write, the contents I should do, my instagram feed which I still cared for its overall look but didn't really put 'blogger-like content' and just posted pictures and stuff and didn't really looked for blogging gig that I usually do.

Upon doing so, I got to enjoy my vacation in our province in Catanduanes.

I stayed there for 21 days and each of these days has been 'productive' in some ways. Although I wasn't able to visit all of the places I wanted to visit, I got to do other things and explored other places and activities with different people with me.. which was really really nice since I have been planning on doing it for quite sometime.

Almost half of my time in Catanduanes was spent with seeing the sky and the sea kissing in the morning. And I love every minute of it.

Now that I am back, I wasn't exactly thrilled but hey, progress! I mean, I got to type and post this blog, right? Baby steps into going back into the comfort of words and fiction.

I hope you guys are also doing well!

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