That Time in The Coffee Project | Vista Place Taft

I have seen photos, I've heard stories, but when I went inside this The Coffee Project branch located in the ground floor of Vista Place in Taft with a pounding headache, I was really amazed. I forgot that I was having a headache for a minute.As much as I love coffee shops or restaurants with modern design and interior, my favorite would still be the rustic and warm interior like what The Coffee Project is all about.

I was really excited to take photos of the place and the decors but there's a lot of people there that are either working on something, studying and that are catching up and I don't want to be rude or take their photos without them knowing or I might disturb or make them feel uncomfortable.

This is the only photo I took with a lot of people, I just want to really take photo of this side.

Anyway, the reason that I was there was we rented a condo room in the said building for filming. It was for one of my part time jobs. I was with my work-mates and after filming, we were hungry since we finished around 6pm already and The Coffee Project is the nearest place we decided to go. There's a MCDO nearby but we opted here instead.

These are the food and drinks we ordered. Price range is above my usual spending but they're good. The drinks are all good as well. I particularly love their whipped cream. It's not as airy as the usual whipped cream on top of frappes. 

Delicious. Recommended.

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