An Australian Yogurt Drink is now in the PH and it's a must try!

Koomi is a yogurt drink from Australia that's now reached the shores of the Philippines. They take pride in their tagline #GuiltlessGoodness because of their drinks' benefits to our stomach, making it more of a desirable drink for me. Their flavors/menu may not be as extensive as other drink brands but the quality and the flavor selection is also one of the things that they are proud of.

The names of their drinks are all quirky and well thought of!

One of their best-sellers is their Koomi Signature - Stick-On-Me Purple Rice. What makes this so unique is that the sinker in this yogurt drink is sticky purple rice which is usually used in making 'suman' here in the Philippines. I mean, who would have thought that rice can be used as a sinker?

The first time that this drink and the purple rice hit my tongue, wow. I had to keep on sipping because it was a different experience. In the end, I like the sourness of the yogurt drink mixed with the taste and texture of the purple rice.

Other flavors are also must-try!

Koomi uses natural fruit ingredients in every drink they make, and if that does not scream HEALTHY, I don't know what is! Another thing that makes them unique is the fact that they use real fruit honey as their sweetener rather than sugar. Another point for Koomi!

Also, you have a choice on what type of blend you'd go for. Aussie blend, which is a little sweeter than the usual and Philipines blend which is on the sour side. I love the Philippine blend because I love anything sour, but you should try both to know your preference.

I would also like to commend them for their logo and branding. It's so cute that I'm sure, even the kids would be compelled to try it!

Currently, they have four branches around the metro where you can go to and try:

Robinsons Magnolia
Eastwood Mall
Mall of Asia

They plan to have at least 14 more branches in the Philippines this year, so you better like their page or follow them on their Instagram if you want to be updated!



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