SLAMCI rolled out their 'Make It Mutual' Campaign for the 2nd time!


One of the most taboo topics that most millennials are afraid to talk about or discuss is their financial situations. It's one thing to talk about your dreams and goals for the future, but having a concrete plan to do it with the financial aspect is rarely talked about. And this is where SLAMCI's Make It Mutual Campaign can help.

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. or SLAMCI rolled out the "Make It Mutual" campaign for the second time. It is a highly successful investor education campaign that encourages more Filipinos to make mutual funds of their choice of investments for their future.

To make the campaign more successful, they prepared a series of four digital videos to highlight the ease of investing where one can now open an account online with the Sun Life portal or mobile app for just 1,000php. Imagine, for the amount less than what you pay for a staycation, you'll be able to start investing? 

The four digital videos will also tell you the importance of choosing the right fund that suits the investor's personality and priorities as well as the need to invest regularly for the long-term to stay on track on their financial goals.

The said digital videos will feature the SLAMCI brand ambassador Matteo Guidicelli. The videos are very timely and will be released on social media so they can be accessed and shared by the viewers. Personally, I like how the videos are informative and are well-thought of. They explained the importance of investing in a way that it's not intimidating and as something to be scared about. I am one of the people who used to think that the word 'investment' is just for the rich and people with 'spare' money to be invested.

Matteo excitedly aims to advocate the Make It Mutual campaign to be able to reach more Filipinos as he is also an investor of mutual funds and has experienced its benefits personally as well.

SLAMCI remains to be the largest non-bank affiliated asset management company in the country, with PHP 80 Billion ins Assets Under Management (AUM) as of January 10, 2020.

"Make It Mutual" is just one of the many offerings of SLAMCI this 2020 as the company marks its 20th anniversary. Through Make It Mutua and other initiatives, they reiterate their commitment to their investors and look forward to serving them for more years to come.

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