Tastes and Tales in 2020: A Year in Review.

I'll be redundant if I say that 2020 has been a challenging year, but it's actually one of the accurate words to describe the year it has been. I know I had it easier than others, and for that, I am thankful and grateful. This will be the first time in a long time that I am going to do a post like this but I really want to have the chance to look back and read all of the highlights of my 2020 via my blog and to be able to share it to you all as well.

January gave me a good start. Ever since December of the previous year, I started to get more and more blogging invites and opportunities and it went on until January. That time when the Taal erupted, I was in Tagaytay with some bloggers covering a Japanese Restaurant, and our location is really near. We went to the other side of the road and we can already see the Taal erupting up close. It was a different and scary experience. After that, upcoming invites had to be re-scheduled because the ashes came all the way even to the Northside.

Opportunities still came, more restaurants and a hotel got featured on Pinoy Vibe and I worked on some freelance work. I went to Lucena for a few days because there were clients there and I want to unwind. I decided to look for a full-time job as a Social Media Manager and I was hired immediately because my boss really likes the fact that I am already a blogger and content creator. The day of the lockdown is my first day at work. I was supposed to be office-based, but because it's really hard to go to the office, I was given a thumbs up to work from home. Honestly, it was tiring even though I'm just at home. I wasn't sleeping well because of too much thinking. By this time, I met someone that I am very comfortable with and started to rely on.

I was focused on work for a few months. I did not go out, I just give them the list of the things I want them to buy for me in the grocery, I order milk tea, or other food I crave online. It has been my life for a few months. In between that are some businesses and brands are still reaching out to me so my page is still active because the food and drinks are being delivered to me to be featured.

Later that year, work has become a bit hard, it became a bit more demanding and I think it's more than I can handle, so I was already feeling down, but I still continued because it's also one of the things that are making me busy to stop myself from overthinking about what's happening around. At this point, my personal life is also being shaky and it's also affecting me.

I celebrated my birthday with a few friends. A close friend and a co-writer gave me a freelance work opportunity and I took it. I am still with them until this day and I love working with them. It's one of the things that I will always look back on in 2020. Also met an old friend, like a decade or a more old friend of mine and I featured one of his business on my page. It's just nostalgic to see an old familiar face and we still treat each other as if we didn't see each other long.

I lost my sense of taste and smell. I won't elaborate on it anymore because I already talked about it in this post.

September came and I decided to tell my boss about my resignation. I am still friends with my other workmates, though. It was a nice way to leave the company. My last salary and my separation pay were given immediately. I will still support them because I really love their product and I am promoting it here as well: Try Dolora's Hauz of Pancit Malabon!

Most of the BER Months, I spent in Novaliches where my grandparents on my mother's side are currently situated with my mother's sister and my cousins. It's one of my "safest places" because I am most comfortable there. It's in a village, so it's a quiet place and I can sleep longer hours whenever I am there.

I went back to Lucena for my Tita on my father's side's wedding and some "unwinding" again. Prior to that, I had to let go of the person that became special to me because we're becoming toxic to each other. We have a different mindset and outlook on life, so I knew I had to do it. The whole week in Lucena, I was drinking and partying every night. I had to divert my mind to other things.

When the busses became more available, I accepted some invites to go around. Buzzsetter is one of the reasons why I am still receiving invites and I thank them very much.

It's a sad thing that our annual Family Reunion had to be canceled for this year. For everyone's safety, even Christmas which we usually celebrate with our fam on my father's side had to be celebrated apart.

I am hoping for a better year this 2021. More clients, more opportunities, and a job I can finally do for a long time. I am not getting any younger so I want to be more determined about this.


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