What I Watched Lately Volume 1


What I Watched Lately will be a "series" in my blog where I'd talk about movies, TV series, and Korean dramas that I watched in one post. I have been wanting to go back to my old blogging days when I would be so eager to document the things on my mind after watching any movie, series, or dramas in my blog but I decided to do it by the group and in a more direct manner this time.

I sometimes hate it that I blab too much whenever I'd write a 'personal' post and I am still working on that, and I hope doing this might help.

Anyway, I'll post my overall opinion on every Korean drama here without spoiling (I hope!) so it's still your choice if you want to check them out after reading my opinions for each.

THE GOOD DETECTIVE kept on popping on my Netflix list and it seems like a promising series anyway, so when I finally gave it a try, I liked it so much that I kept on delaying watching the next episode after I am done with the earlier episode. I am in between being eager and excited to know what will happen next but also don't want to watch immediately because that would mean that it's closer to the end.

Anyway, even though most of the Korean dramas as a whole always has the "corrupt politician" or "corrupt justice system" angle in their plots, I don't hate it that much because they know how to do it well, so well that it'll keep you on the edge after watching every episode's ending. You'll definitely want to watch the next episode again. This series is one of the proofs of that. The character developments and the story-telling is good for me. 

There are also scenes that surprised me because there are twists that I did not think of. And I like that.

Jang Seung-jo is very charismatic in this series and I love his rugged lowkey rich bad boy character. 

RATING: 8/10

VIP is a masterpiece for me. The build-up, the mystery, and the way every character fit the whole story is just superb. The story is painfully realistic and the emotions I felt while watching it the whole time are memorable. There are times that I can relate to the pain, anger, etc. I recorded videos of my favorite scenes (thank Lord I can record and take a screenshot in VIU) because I want to be able to watch it anytime I feel like I want to.

Another thing I love about this drama is because there are just so many details that I did not see coming, and how every scene contributes to the whole plot/story. No dull episodes. You'll go kind of paranoid as the story progresses.

I'd recommend this in a heartbeat. I am happy I watched this.

RATING: 10/10

ALICE started with a very interesting first few episodes. My sister's done watching this and when she saw me watching it a few days ago, she told me she liked it. I like it too to the point that I was able to finish it. The concept and plot are very interesting. It's one of those series that makes you think because Physics is somehow involved and you'll also think of possibilities.

There are just times that there's so much going on in a certain scene and sometimes I get confused but the TIME TRAVELLING angle is just so fascinating for me. There are a few small details that I can call a plot-hole but if you won't see it, it doesn't matter. The thing I was annoyed with the most is there's a build-up of the romantic angle between the main characters when the woman is the doppelganger or probably the same person as her mother. Ugh!

Anyway, it's still very worthy to check out especially if you're into sci-fi stuff.

RATING: 6.5/10

THE PENTHOUSE is actually the first series I started watching among these four, but it's still ongoing and SEASON 1 just finished. Well, what can I say? This drama is very controversial and unique. The characters shine on their own and every episode is somewhat explosive. There's a lot going on within the whole story but it was executed well. There are so many angles but the way it was laid isn't confusing.

I was just disappointed because I was eagerly waiting for the ending and expecting a jaw-dropping one but instead, they extended it by two more episodes and another season! I guess people really like it, huh?

I wish to watch more Korean series like this. There are dramas with revenge angle, cheating angle, dramas that focus on High School students and their life, murder and mystery but this drama covered all of that and more.

RATING: 9/10

Which of these have you see and what do you think of them?

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