3 Unconventional Ways and Products to Treat Stretchmarks.

Stretchmarks are our skin's natural response to the changes in our skin and body, but most people find it as a flaw or an imperfection that needs to be treated. Some people call it their battle scars since it symbolizes transformation in our bodies which mostly happens to pregnant women. This can also cause losing someone's confidence in their bodies.

Aside from the readily available products to treat or cure stretchmarks that some are a bit pricey in the market, we listed 3 unconventional ways you can treat stretch marks that you might find surprising.

1. Breast milk for stretch marks.

If you think about it, it is already known that breast milk is kind of a superfood that boasts of over 400 available nutrients. It has healing properties because of the stem cells it has. You might think that breast milk for stretch marks is a little weird thing to say or think but if you are a mom who has available breast milk, you can try applying an ample amount on the area in which you have stretch marks every day and see the difference after a few weeks.

2. Vaseline for stretch marks.

This may not be a shock to know that vaseline for stretch marks is a thing, but vaseline is a product that is primarily used in moisturizing the area of the skin which is dry. I am sure you also heard or know someone who uses vaseline for the rashes that their babies have. To check the effectiveness, you can massage vaseline in the area of your skin that has stretch marks every day.

3.Baby oil for stretch marks

Baby oil is another good product that is good for moisturization. This means that baby oil for stretch marks might not be very unconventional to hear, but either way, baby oils are not the first product you'd think in curing stretch marks. You can apply baby oil after a hot shower when your pores are open and can easily absorb the oil in the area of your skin with stretch marks.

Have you tried any of them or is planning on doing so? Let me know if you do!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I also have trouble with my stretchmarks ugghh!

    beyond beneath

    1. It's really a problem for changing body! I feel you!

  2. Gaining and losing weight results to stretchmarks. That's what I observed. I haven't thought of treating it, maybe I will try the Vaseline and Baby Oil! Thank you for this Elle!