Loss, Lessons and the Life Plan that Saved us.

For the past three years since 2019, we experienced significant loss in the family. We lost our tita, who is my father's sister last 2019 because of bone cancer. November 2020, we lost our tito who is my mother's brother. Came April 2021, and my mother's father, my lolo, left us as well. It feels like a cycle of pain and acceptance. There are times that I just cry whenever I remember them, or I'd just feel lonely because I know I'll never be able to see them again.

I am being sentimental right now because my father's 8th death anniversary is also fast approaching, and I feel like I just had to somehow talk about it here in my blog. I can still remember how he insisted on pushing my youngest sister's debut because he said "I have the money for it, I saved for it." even though all of us agreed that we can just celebrate it within just the family. We didn't know that he's already suffering so much because he knows how to hide it well. My sister's debut celebration was a success. That was May 2013. Our father got hospitalized on June 30th of that same year, and then died on July 2 of cardiac arrest.

We weren't ready, so to speak. I mean, who would be?

Our family isn't perfect, but our parents raised us comfortably. I always use the word "sheltered" whenever I would describe my childhood because I think that our parents did their best in raising us that way. We're not rich. I can't even say that we're in the "middle class" because we are not. We're just living comfortably. When I was done studying, they urged me to get a job "to have my own money to spend" not the usual "so you can help to pay the bills" type of reason. And looking back, I am always grateful for that. Both my mother and my father are working full time, and they loved their jobs. My father is the head butcher of a meat company while my mother is an elementary teacher.

I am one of those millennials that cannot seem to stay in a traditional type of working environment, so when my father died, I was unemployed. We were worried for a moment, but fortunately, my mother told us that she actually had a Life Plan that she just finished paying for a week prior. I mean.. the timing is just unexplainable. We just thought that maybe Papa didn't really want us to suffer that much when he's gone. Help started pouring in from everyone, including the people who told us that Papa helped them before. 

The life plan we have in St. Peter made it possible for Papa to be handled quick and properly. They got Papa's body from the hospital, cleaned and prepared him for the funeral wake while we're waiting for one of the rooms in their Quezon Avenue branch to be vacant. Within 24 hours, people started to come. Looking back, I don't know how or what will happen if it happens that we didn't have that Life Plan from St. Peter. We weren't just ready financially, so to speak. We were also fortunate that financial help from relatives, friends, and Papa's bosses helped.

That experience became significant not just for us in the family, but also for our relatives as well. My mother became an agent for St. Peter as a side job because it feels like a wake-up call knowing the importance of having the LIFE PLAN we have when my father died. Our relatives and other family members made sure to get their own and their other family member's LIFE PLAN, too and Mama handled them all. She's so dedicated that she sometimes uses her own money to pay the monthly dues for others who have situations that make them late for their payment. She always says that she just doesn't want other people to experience what we would have experience should she did not get the Life Plan or even finished paying it.

Just a quick side note, this isn't a sponsored post. All of the details in this blog post are what really happened and what I really feel. I have been wanting to publish a post like this just to remind everyone that it's better to be ready. And it's better to be ready than to believe that being ready can be a bit of bad luck or can manifest into something bad, or it feels like you are wishing for your own death. We will all die, that's a fact. But it will always be better circumstances if the people we'll leave can be at ease and can just focus on grieving and not on finding help financially. I mean, they'd still have to spend some more but having the plan is way more convenient and the less money they'd have to spend. This is also a fact.

I mean, this is just what I think. I know, of all people, that not everyone can afford to get a LIFE PLAN now or anytime soon, but this is just a reminder for everyone. I shared our experience as a reference for others. They have traditional and cremation life plans. The plan we got for our father is the traditional one, so we just added more for the cremation service. The prices 8 years ago is way more different from the prices now, so I really suggest that if you can get one now, you should think of doing so, now.

You may check their services at https://www.stpeter.com.ph/life-plan

Let me know if you guys have a similar experience of what you think about this post.

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