NOrdinary Beauty's FORMULA ONE Glowing Skin Instalift Serum: A Review.

Another beauty brand under Buenacorp Beauty and Wellness Product Store that they are offering is NOrdinary Beauty. This serum is specifically made to make your skin lift and glowing. I am quite excited to try this because I am a sucker for serums. Aside from exfoliating and hydration products, serums are also my favorites.

According to them, this product is for facial skin’s instant lift and acne solution that whitens skin and evens out skin tone. Improves the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and weakened surface.

With BEETOX, this serum is effective for the improvement of skin wrinkles. This works to control facial muscles naturally for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping, and firming of the skin. This formula also helps in boosting collagen formation and increase cell renewal in 15 days, leaving your skin looking brighter, firmer, and visibly younger.

I personally love the runny consistency of this serum because a little dot goes a long way and it's a big deal for me because I have a huge and round face. Small dots of products can already cover my whole face.

I can instantly feel the lifting after I use it every night. The scent is faint but it smells nice and fresh, too. It dries easily and is not tacky or sticky. I can feel my skin getting a softer and visible lift. I have been using this for one week now and I plan to finish using this.

This retails for only 398.00 via their shopee account. Click this link to purchase:

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