The Promised Generation.

There was a time in my life that I was so proud and happy to be born in this era. That I was even thankful because I know that I can relate to most of the people around me. Creatives, solopreneurs, the innovators. I have high hopes that this generation can be the part of the solution, that we can be a part of a revolution. I have faith, I have hope.

No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. I have seen and read bloggers introduce their self as someone who was born in the wrong era. They wished that they were born in the the 80's or something. I learned to love the generation I was brought up, but it doesn't mean that I embrace everything about it specially the things that hurts me the most.

We are living in a time where being raped and harrassed is your fault. That even though rape and harrassment is a crime and something illegal, it's still the victim's fault and they were the ones being crucified. That they wanted it, that they looked for it, so they shouldn't cry rape and harrassment.

We are living in a time where people easily believes in what they read without thinking. That what they see or hear in the telivision or in the radio or in the internet are nothing but the truth. That knowing a certain information with or without base makes them invincible that they argue with other people.

We are living in a time where everyone just wanted to be right. Where no one has to question your opinion because you know you are right. It doesn't matter what others think, because what you think is the only thing that you will believe in.

We are living in a time wherein older people care more on what other people would say rather than to understand why things happened to the people around them. That what other people perceives about you is more important rather than being happy by being yourself.

We are living in a time where education is now just a display, something to brag about. It doesn't matter if you learned something or if you didn't learn anything. What's important now is that you had the diploma, you had the graduation picture and your school's prestigious name that will back you up. We are living in a time where 'College Graduate' seemed to mean trustworthy and intelligent and if you didn't go to college, you are worthless and trash. That if you go to an unknown school, you're not worthy of being employed to their company because they just want the best and the best means coming from a prestigious school. It doesn't matter if you paid your way through graduation, what's important is that you had your school's prestigious name to back you up.

We are living in a time where instead of telling our brothers and sons to behave, we tell our sisters and daughters what clothes to put on, we tell them to be careful and to protect their self. We are living in a time where in it's a sin to have our own choice of clothing, it's a sin to go out at night because it's not lady like. Where they label women 'sluts' and 'whores' just because they like to party, just because they embrace their sexuality.

We are living in a time where having a lot of money means success. That you are better than the other because you have a lot of money, that being contented in what you have means you're lazy, that you have no dreams, that you're an aweful person. That being able to buy the things you want that other people cannot meant you are above them.

We are living in a time wherein you had to see the wrong in everyone to justify your own wrong doing. Where you need to see other people's bad side to feel good, to feel better. Where you had to compare yourself to anyone you think is beneath you to be able to sleep at night.

We are living in a time wherein fame means talent, that whoever you are, as long as you have your own following, you are talented. That it doesn't matter if you're fondling butt of women in your videos because your defense is that it's just a prank. That these women loved it because they will be seen in a video. That it doesn't matter if they feel harrassed because you tell yourself that it's okay, that it happens and it's normal.

We are living in a time that being in a relationship is like a hanging poster in your body for other people to flirt with you. That it'll make them feel better if you cheat with them because it validates them. It doesn't matter if you dangle your wedding ring or your facebook is flooded with pictures of you and your partner, they will be just more determined to get you to cheat.

We are living in a time where winning battles and wars are more important than the lives of the people dying and sacrificing. That victory is something to brag about even if it meant killing innocent and civilians. We are living in a time wherein even the children are taught to fire guns to kill or be killed. That blowing up yourself to kill other people is patriotic, that it is your duty and your purpose in this world.

We are living in a time wherein politics means business. That the government is a cashflow for everyone who are in it. That it doesn't matter how hard the people are working for the taxes that the government are receiving because it will always just payday to them.                                                                              
We are living in a time where everything is just wrong and people still thinks we're in wonderland. That everything is going to be fine if they just let everything be, that one of these days, the world will just suddenly be perfect, no flaws, just pure heaven.

We are living in a time where I hope for world peace and instead, I'll get terorrisim, killing and disasters. Where I'd hope for happiness and instead, I'll get pain, suffering and heartaches.

I wanted to be a part of the solution, but how can I be if anyone just wanted to be a part of the problem?

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