Make Brushing More Fun With Minions!

My first thought when I saw this Colgate Minions Toothpaste and Tootbrush was, I am sure Hera, my baby cousin, would surely enjoy it! My cousins is one of those babies who likes brushing her teeth, specially whenever she sees us doing so.

This is Hera with our Lolo and Lola from her birthday last week. It's her third birthday at that time. Whenever she sees one of us brushing our teeth, she would say she wants to brush her teeth too! Or mostly, she will remember to brush her teeth because, as she says "It's already night time" so she knew she should brush her teeth before going to sleep.

We make brushing teeth fun with her whenever we would brush our self together because she feels like she's one of the grown ups by doing so, or, in some cases, since she's still young, we use a finger toothbrush while encouraging her that what she's doing is good.


She also has a regular baby toothbrush but it's a bit more fun to use this to thoroughly clean her teeth. But seeing how cute and adorable the Colgate Minions Toothbrush looks like, I am sure she will be more than willing to brush her teeth every night!

I received this Pig Teddy Bear from a friend last year on my birthday that's wearing a Minions Costume and Hera loved it. The pictures are the evidence. She sleeps while cuddling and hugging it. She feels more comfortable with 'Piggy' as she calls it when she wants to sleep specially in the afternoon so I know that she will be happy if we get to watch the upcoming Minions 3D Movie as well as having the Minions Toothpaste and toothbrush.

Colgate Minions Toothpaste has two variants and I think this is also a good thing and an advantage. They have the bundle for COLGATE MINIONS KIDS (2-5 YEARS OLD) and they also have the COLGATE MINIONS KIDS (5-9 YEARS OLD) pack. So check them out!

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