App Talk: Funbuddies, Easy Way To Find Activity Buddies.

I learned about this app when my sister asked me to go to an event hosted by YES (Young Entrepreneurs Society) in Makati and the speaker for that night is Benj Tupaz, the founder of Fun buddies. We were late due to the rain as well as my cousin who we waited before we went it. She was just working nearby.

The event was held in Penbrothers, a co working space in OPL Building, Palanca Street. There's wifi so I immediately searched what's Funbuddies is all about since Benj is wearing the shirt.

Basically, you post an activity you want to do in the app and if other people who saw it would like to join you, they'll click the I'M IN button in your event. I find this a nice way to meet like-minded people specially to me that's just starting to attend events about start-ups. I will talk about what happened on that event on the next post.

You can register thru email or facebook and once you registered, this is what you're going to see. This is the dashboard where you can browse activities posted by other people that you might want to join in. I even saw someone inviting for a trip in Bangkok and two person joined!

These are some of the activities that you can choose from.

That's my profile. Once I created an activity invitation, it will be displayed there. You can talk to other buddies with their chat capability and someone fistbumped me! I fistbumped back so you can see at my profile I have one FISTBUMP AND FISTBUMPED! :D

And this is how it looks like if you're going to post an activity.

You'll meet strangers even though they have profile here so it's still better to be cautious. Tell someone where you'll be going or meet up in a public place.

I haven't tried joining an activity or creating one yet but it seems like a nice community. Let me know if you tried it and what you think about it!


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