Foodie Adventure: Open Kitchen Food Park in Cubao.

When the Food Park hysteria started, I knew that it will only take time before one or more would be made nearby or somewhere in Cubao. A few weeks ago, I saw a neighbor posted that they are in Open Kitchen with his friends. At that time, it wasn't fully operational yet. When I checked their page, it was indicated that they are still on soft opening and their official opening is on June 16, which was 2 days ago.

My cousin decided to check it out today and here's what we saw.

These were taken at the second level of the food park. The place is clean, the design is crisps and no confusing decors or whatever which is good and made the place look neat. A lot of people comes and go, I don't know if it's because Sunday or it's usually like this.

These, on the other hand were taken on the first level. My camera's kind of acting out so apologies for the blurry photos. Anyway, as you can see, there are already a lot of people. From family to group of friends, the place is open to everyone.

As you can see too, the chairs and tables are different. What's in front of the booth is cohesive to their own theme. The last food park I went to, the chairs and tables all around are the same.

Here's the map near the entrance so if you came to go to a specific booth, you'll know easily by taking a look at these maps.

And of course, there's a stage for performers. I just don't know it anyone can jam or they have open mic days or time like almost every food park with this feature.

Me and my cousin are still full when we thought of going so we just shared this one burger and fries from Burgers On Deck (160php) and blue lemonade from The Juice Joint (30php each).

I have read a few reviews about the place saying that the food prices here are a little higher compared to other food park. Even our neighbors though so too. I haven't been to a lot of food park so I really don't know the pricing points but the burger's patty is tasty and we liked it.

You can check their page:

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