App Talk | Trying FoodPanda The Second Time Around.

The first time that I attempted to use Foodpanda was almost two years ago when Sic and I checked in at Remington Hotel. You can read there that even though it wasn't successful, their customer service representative that talked to us is what made me still recommend them.

We were in Richmonde Hotel last night with my mom, my baby cousin and another cousin. We decided to just order food outside because it's cheaper, and since it is in Ortigas, we think that there will be a lot of food to choose from. I already thought of Foodpanda. I decided to give it a try again hoping that it will be a better experience this time.

I downloaded the Foodpanda App, then proceeded to look at what are the available restaurants nearby Richmonde Hotel. There's tons, since SM Mega Mall is just nearby. I was scrolling, looking for options and suggesting to everyone.

That was around 5:30pm. I thought it was still a little early for 'rush hour' but after a while of scrolling, a note that says they are not catering at that area at that moment because of rush of orders. Okay, I got disappointed.

Mom wanted Jollibee, but I said, I want some pizza so I looked up Greenwich. They have an online delivery website, but I was just using mobile (we bought our laptop but only two devices are allowed to be connected to the wifi) and it's hard when there's popping pages everywhere. So I looked up the number, but the landline phone isn't working, and I don't want to call the front desk about it.

I went back to Foodpanda, hoping that by that time, which was already past 6:00pm, they can 'cater' to that area already. I automatically searched for Greenwich and found one nearby! 

I almost jumped of happiness when I saw that my order went through!

The estimated time of arrival of the food is indicated at the top corner of the screen.

You can also see if you have active orders.

And there's popped up notification on update on the order!

An hour for a food delivery is a little long, but I understand that it was rush hour and there's probably a lot of orders coming in to them. We're not that hungry anyway.

Ten minutes before the indicated time, the front desk called and said our order already arrived.

We took a little while to come down because I had to change clothes as well as my cousin but when we saw the delivery guy, he's still all smiles. I dunno, I get good feelings with instances like this. Maybe because I've encountered too much 'BV' services alike that I really appreciate gestures as such.

Second try at Foodpanda was a success!

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