Staycation Diaries: La Bella Residence

I am probably sure that most of you than not have heard about this certain hotel or place in Tagaytay that looks like a piece of Santorini in Greece. The first time I saw pictures of it on the internet, I was blown away, but I was a little skeptic since there are a lot of pictures that were posted on the internet that were all edited. Amidst the doubt, it still went to my bucket list of places to go to.

And almost a month ago, I crossed out coming to La Bella Tagaytay in my bucket list, and here's our experience.

Last month, we were invited to stay in one of La Bella Tagaytay Residence's unit. Since we are allowed to bring two more people, we asked our friend and my cousin, who is having her birthday at the same time we would be there.

It was fairly hot in Cubao when I left, but when we arrived at Tagaytay, the sky started to get really dark and heavy and before we reached La Bella, there's already heavy raindrops falling on us.

Since I was really excited about this, I watched quite a number of La Bella Tagaytay Vlogs on youtube so before we went there, I already knew a number of things.

If you want to stay in La Bella, you have two options: To stay in La Bella Residence or at the La Bella Boutique Hotel. Their difference is that La Bella Boutique Hotel is for short term stays just like in any other hotels while La Bella Residences is the condominium type which you can rent for either long term or short term, but that is if there's an owner who is putting up their place there for rent. You can enjoy the amenities if you're staying for both although you have to pay 100php per head if you are staying in the residence and if you want to use the pool.

We stayed in La Bella Residence. Our host has a unit there that he wants Jewell to feature and write an article about.

This is what the lobby of the residence looks like.

The gray walls and the overall theme is really cool to the eyes. I personally loved the strike of minimalism but at the same time, the small pieces all over the lobby felt like it all belong there anyway.

We waited for about 15 minutes for the caretaker of the unit to arrive since she was the one to help us get to the unit and the keys. We went around and take photos after we registered our name into the guard's logbook.

We didn't need to ride the elevator because the unit is just on the same floor as the lobby.

The unit is small but looks warm, cute and cozy. The bed can only fit two people but they have extra mattresses and blankets. The set-up of the two-seater dining table is nice as when you open the curtain, you'll see the backyard with green grass and trees as well as the other units' windows.

The food is not complimentary as you need to buy it and pay it before you check out but this is actually very convenient if you forgot something while doing your groceries because it's kind of far from stores. You have to walk to the gate, ride a tricycle and ride a jeepney.

The bath and comfort room has a bidet and complete with tissues. There's a hot shower. The kitchen is also complete from the kitchen to dining utensils. There's a microwave, small fridge, etc.

The internet is strong. A big flat-screen tv will also welcome you with Netflix.

Their famous swimming pool that features a glass wall is relatively small for the size of their hotel as well as the residence but it's okay if the people won't use it all at once. My cousin and I are the only ones who swam since the other two are still sleepy. We paid 200php for the two of us in La Bella Boutique Hotel's front desk which made me took a few shots of their lobby.

It gives off a feeling of being in a very high-class museum or gallery!

After paying, the front desk officer gave us our receipt, and then we went back to the Residence to show it to the guard, who then gave us our bracelet tag. We showed it to the person attending the gate to the pool and then we swam for an hour or so.

As per La Bella's website, they are still constructing more amenities inside the whole place. There are restaurants that you can choose from within the area as well.

How to go to La Bella Tagaytay?

Ride a bus bound to Tagaytay/Nasugbu Batangas. There are terminals in Cubao, Buendia and in Pasay, just go inside MCDO and you'll see rows of buses in there. Ask the conductor to drop you off at RADAR taas. There are signs there that you can see. Ride a tricycle in line and tell the driver that you are going to La Bella.


It's best if you go and do some grocery shopping first because like I said, it's quite far from the stores. There are restaurants, yes, but you might find them a bit pricey so I suggest you just bring something to cook or to eat and water! 

If you are going out, make sure not to go back too late since jeepneys and tricycles tend to stop going around at night. 

You can also watch my vlog about our overall visit in Tagaytay below.

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