Staycation Diaries: Linden Suites


I've been to a number of hotels and if you'll ask me where I'd like to go back the most, I'll answer without a doubt that It'll be at the Linden Suites. Aside from having one of the most amazing rooms or suites and good service, I love the convenience and the comfort I experienced when we were staying there.

We stayed at their 2-bedroom suite located at the first tower.

The size of the suite is big enough to be a house. It is spacious and strategically designed. The carpeted floors is a big thumbs up as well. I am a fan of hotels that has carpeted floors in their rooms. It adds to the coziness of the place, even though the suite we got is really well lit.

The dining set next to the living room is what actually the first thing that my eyes caught. It looks so cute and classy at the same time. The lighting suites the overall aesthetics of the corner.

The kitchen, on the other hand is fully equipped and fully functional. The fridge is big, so you can bring more food supplies or groceries. You can cook via their induction stove, they have an electric kettle, coffee maker and pans for cooking. The kitchen has a lot of storage as well so you can be sure that there's always going to be a space for whatever you're bringing.

And look at that counter top, right? I love that feature!

In between the kitchen and the dining set is the little hallway dividing the two rooms. This feature is also one of the many things I like about the suite. It gives of the realistic home vibe for me.


This is the bigger room in between the two rooms in this suite. The glass wall is facing EDSA and SM MEGAMALL which is just near the hotel. I like that the study table is next to the glass wall, it relaxes me whenever I am sitting there and that I can see the view. The blackout curtain is my favorite feature in this room aside from the study table. As much as I love the natural light that the glass wall gives, I also love the darkness and the coldness in one.

Comfy bed. I like how it's not too soft, I slept fine.


Yey for the bathtub! Another favorite feature! The bathroom is very clean and spacious. No funny smell or anything. Complete with essentials and the hot shower functions just fine.

Ps. Their shampoo did not dry my hair unlike other complimentary shampoos at other hotels.


This is the room at the left side of our suite. It's the smaller room between the two but as you can see, it's still spacious as hell. You can still even dance if you want to! The glass wall here is relatively smaller but the view is still nice otherwise. This room has a study table as well but it's far from the glass wall. This was the room that Gelo used.


This is what the second bathroom at the second room looks like! Yes, it also has bathrobe and essentials.

This is the view in my room before the night falls. Gelo volunteered to buy us milk tea in SM Megamall so while waiting for him, I decided to have a self photoshoot.

I had a few more shots like this. Linden Suites really suits this kind of theme. I really love it.

When Gelo came back, unfortunately, the stores are closing already so he just bought beers and some chips. Together with some of the complimentary chips, we spent a few hours chilling and telling stories. Gelo has been a reader before we became close and the longer we become friends, the closer we are becoming. My mother is even fond of him since the first time they met a few years back.

The next morning, after eating breakfast, Gelo and I decided to visit their health club and swim at their temperature-controlled indoor pool. They used to have an outdoor pool before but they closed it eventually thus, they only have indoor pool right now.

We enjoyed dipping in at their temperature-controlled swimming pool and at the Jacuzzi. We were the only people there at that time so it feels like we own the place.

The time to check out is almost up so we went back to the suite!

My overall experience while staying at Linden Suites is very pleasant and amazing. The fact that it's near to a lot of establishments is one of the best thing that you will ever need if ever you feel the need to have a staycation here.

You can check this video I made!

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