Merry Mango just opened their SM North branch and this is what went down!

Among the current trending food or drinks here in the Philippines, aside from the milk tea and coffee shops around, you probably already also encountered people posting about mango based ice creams, shakes and drink. And this is where Merry Mango would come in. They just opened their newest branch located in SM North and I was there to witness the ribbon cutting and of course, to experience the free taste of their products as well!

The mass to bless the branch, ribbon cutting and the small program happened quite fast. There are quite a few people to also witness this launch and many people also seems to be excited about having a branch in SM North. I personally like that fact because it's near to me, so every time I crave for it, I can always come quick to satisfy my craving.

One amazing thing I saw while the program is happening is that there's a deaf/mute translator. That's when I learned that it's because they support the deaf/mute community. It was a touching fact for me.

The store can only accommodate a few people at once but it's cozy and comfortable enough. Their menu is limited but straight to the point. Everything's mango based, of course. They are Merry Mango!

The people then started to gather around and come in to taste and to buy and try different Merry mango products. It was hectic, even employees from different business around the area are coming in to buy and try Merry Mango.

I tried their Merry Mango and their Cheesecake Snow.

First off, their price is competitive for me. I've had more expensive ones for the same taste and quality so this is quite something for me. On to the taste, I love that they give generous amount of mango that's not too sweet and sour. They don't add sugar anymore so the taste of mango is as is.

Merry Mango is located at the East bridge of SM North.
You can check their facebook page for more information.

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