BestOrganic Corporation and its advocacy to be a healthier version of yourself.

I've heard the word 'organic' quite a lot lately, and how consumers should choose products and food that are labeled organic because they are healthier. What I found out via internet is truly an amazing information regarding it. As per wikipedia. "Organic food products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach." Which is what makes it healthy. No harmful chemicals has been used, so if you eat or use it, there will be no harmful ingredients to come in contact within our body.

Here's also an image that would give us more insight about the benefits of having organic food.

We've been going crazy with so much food and product that comes out lately not realizing that they can be harmful to us. I am guilty for this trait, but it's never too late if you want to be a healthier version of you, right?

That's when BestOrganic comes in.

Who is BestOrganic?

BestOrganic Corporation (referred herein as "BOCO") is a 100% Filipino-owned company primarily indulged in selling the best organic food and non-food products that can be offered in the market today. 

BestOrganic aims to produce all organic products so their consumers would lessen or reduce health risks caused by exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals that we use or encounter everyday. 

The current age expectancy here in the Philippines is 69 years old.. and it gets younger and younger as the years come by.

My grandfather and grandmothers on both sides are still kicking it at their ages 80 years old and above. And whenever I would ask them how can they still be that strong amid their old age, they would always tell me because they don't just live an active lifestyle but also because of the food they eat. They would eat vegetables, fish and fruits. They would rarely eat canned or processed food.

This speaks volume on how we are currently living an unhealthy lifestyle.

So why not start now by slowly switching to organic food and products?

BestOrganic introduced Super 10 Serum. It will be available soon on the market, but for now, let me tell you its supposed to be benefits and its promise as an all organic product.

Super 10 Serum is an anti aging serum, beauty serum, whitening serum, anti-oxidant serum and natural serum rolled into one. If you are someone who uses individual products or serums for different skin problems, Super 10 Serum has got to be a wish come true.

Super 10 Serum is named after its 10 natural fruit ingredients which are:

1. Sugar Maple Extract
2. Aloe Vera Extract
3. Orange Fruit Extract
4. Lemon Fruit Extract
5. Cucumber Fruit Extract
6. Sugarcane Extract
7. Hyaluronic Acid
8. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
9. Niacimide
10. Bilberry Extract

It's a promising product, if you'd ask me.

I am still on the process of using this product and I would love to tell you my experience using it soon.

If you are also curious about it, this is already available at their website where you can use my discount code: ITSHAZEL. 


They also have another product to drop this 2020.

Micro Plant Powder GOLD is a 100% full spectrum vitamin and mineral complex detox formulation product that has 101 vitamins and minerals, 27 clay and soil and 74 raw plant minerals.

It promises to take the places of most of the products that you use on your shelf right now.

The Micro Plan Powder Gold is available for pre-order on their website as well.

You can also like BestOrganic's facebook page:

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