Foodie Adventures | Sigekiya Ramen & Tsukumen Estancia.

I have been into Japanese food lately. From makis, ebi tempura to ramen, that's all I can think about lately and Sigekiya felt like a blessing. This specific branch in Estancia Mall just opened a few months ago but they have two more branches in the south area.

I don't know if it's just me or their place just looks so fresh on the eyes. I love the accent pieces, too, that gives off the Japan vibe inside. They have tables to cater up to large groups so you can bring your friends and family.

Signature Sigekiya Ramen

Miso ramen with corn and butter

The ramen are savory and you can really feel the flavors in your mouth. They have thick broth and noodles, unlike other regular ramen you probably know, so it\s really best to eat it while it's hot or the noodles will easily soak the broth.

They have spice level if you want your ramen spicy. You can request your level or do it manually. they will give you the powdered spice for you to do it yourself.

Their Tsukumen is also delicious, especially the super melt in your mouth pork meat inside the hot broth. We tasted their Tsukumen with Japanese curry in level 2 spiciness and it's just the right amount of spice for me.

Chicken Karaage 

Ebi Tempura

Fried Gyoza

They also have Onigiri!

Their side dishes are all delicious, no less! I got to really enjoy everything. They are worth checking out.

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