Foodie Adventures | Tantea Tomas Morato

Ever since I saw photos of Tantea's place a few weeks back, I was kind of determined to come and visit it since Tomas Morato is just near our place. I don't know if it's a requirement nowadays but milk tea stores are starting to really up the game by having 'aesthetically pleasing stores for the customers. And lucky for me, I had the opportunity to do just like that! 

To be honest, I was excited to go because of the place, not because of their food and drink offerings. Lately, I learned to just not expect anything when it comes to milk teas and the likes because I've tasted quite a lot already, and yes, while most, if not all, are delicious and tasty, it kinda hard to know the difference in the long run. Which isn't bad at all, but that's just how I see it. Each milk tea stores have their own specialty drinks and that's where I think they get to have their own edge but regular flavored milk teas doesn't impress me that much anymore. I like them, yes, but that's that.

Seeing the photos above, I'm sure you think that it's really aesthetically pleasing, there's no doubt. But you will be surprised to know that their drinks and food are also must-try. Yes, I just said that and I am not kidding.

Tantea really up the game for me. They have drink types that's unusual yet still tasty and delicious for me. What I liked about their drinks aside from the variety and the flavors is the fact that it's not too sweet for my taste. Some milk teas can be a little too sweet and tasty that it lingers on the tongue but with Tantea, it's different. The flavors can still be tasted but it's very smooth tasting.

Also, it's worth mentioning that their drinks doesn't have size choices. Unlike other milk tea places that has small, medium or large sizing per flavors, Tantea's drinks sizes varies per flavor. You can see what your drink would look like via the pictures at the menu.

If you're a hungry customer, they also offer sandwiches, snacks and snack platters, chicken wings basket or pastries and cakes. Everything we had tastes good.

They have smoking are at the second floor and parking space in front of their store.

I love everything about Tantea so I really recommend them.

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