Andrea Eau de Parfum: Thoughts and Review.

Andrea Perfume is new to the market, hence, I received these bottles to be tested that's why I did a few tests with different scenarios in a day to see its effects and what can I say about my overall experience with it.

The PR box that I received consists of two 60ML bottles. One's a scent for men and one's scent for females. Right of the bat, I love the frosted glass because it gives off an elegant feel. My brother, who was the one who received the box said he can already tell that it's perfume because it's oozing with a nice scent while he was holding it.

Andrea's perfumes are made from premium fine fragrant from France. It has 20% oil making it a nice quality and long-lasting. They have available scents from floral ones to fruity fragrance.

Whenever I acquire perfumes, I always want to know the percentage of the fragrance oil in it. The more fragrance oil it contains, the better and longer the scent stays, but it still depends on a person's acidity level since some perfumes might be not compatible with you.

Here are my overall thoughts.

  • The perfumes I received are mild and are not irritating to the nose. At least to me, after a few sprays. This might not be the case for you, but this is based on my experience with the sent scents.
  • The slim glass bottles make it handy even for small bags which I usually use whenever I go out for errands. I like that it's in a slim bottle because it is also easier to hold.
  • The longest time that I was out of the house using it is 7 hours, and yes, the scent's still there but it's already mellowed, which is just natural as other perfumes.
  • The scent/perfume seems to be compatible with my body since it stayed longer than other perfumes I used and I can still smell it on my wrists after a long day out.
  • Quality-wise, yes, I like it. But the price is honestly a little too way above my budget for a 60ML bottle. Given that it came from France, I'd love to receive it as a gift or buy it for someone but I can't buy it and use it every day.
My overall experience with Andrea Perfume is nice and it is recommended as it really stays on longer than other perfume products that I have tried.

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