Mint Relief: Thoughts and Review.


If I am down with reviewing beauty products and food, I can say that I am also excited about reviewing vitamins and food supplements like Mint Relief. It was sent to me a few months now and I am more than ready to tell my experience in the multiple times I used it.

According to its claims, via Wellness RefillMint Relief is an all-natural and quick solution for indigestion, gas, Bloating, GERD, hyperacidity, Acid reflux, Heartburn, Gastritis, Dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, stomach cramps and other variety of stomach discomfort. Which contains peppermint and spearmint as its main ingredients.

I was actually excited to try it because it's new, and the gels look cute.

The first time I used it, it was after eating too much and I was having indigestion. I realized that I have this on my stash. I took one and waited on its effect. After a few minutes, my stomach calmed down and I started burping. The fun part is that, whenever I burp, I can smell and taste the mint!

After the first experience, I used it for the second time for another indigestion problem. Yep, sorry that I ate too much or is not mindful of what I eat. Just like the last time, after a few minutes, my stomach calmed down and I started burping, smelling the mint.

Since I'm quite happy and satisfied with this, when my mother felt bloated, I let her take one. According to her, she didn't notice anything significant but she kind of felt her stomach calmed a little bit before it continued being bloated.

I let my then-boyfriend have the other box because he was complaining of stomach ache. Told him to try it. He said it's effective because it reduced the pain he was feeling until it was gone. After he's done with the full 10 soft gels I gave him, he's already on his 3rd box. He was buying it now because he wants to have it on him in case he needs it.

So far, I haven't had any bad experience with it. It's still in my bag whenever I go out, I still have a few soft gels left and I'll surely buy soon once I finish the last few ones I have. For 150.00 I kind of feel that it should be a staple on anyone, especially for a foodie like me who likes to go around tasting food and drinks.

I haven't tried using it for dysmenorrhea but I will, soon, and update this blog post.

You can try it and but at Beauty MNL.
Or in Mercury Drugs Store.

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