Coming Home.

My mother and father were both born in the small but very beautiful province of Catanduanes and even though me and my siblings all grew up in the city, we always have the time to visit at least once a year or whenever we can ever since we were young.

I still remember my High School summer days wherein we pack our bags and get ready to go home to Panganiban Catanduanes to spend the whole summer there. When we were younger, we usually go home with both our parents, or either of them. When High School came, it changed. Our parents became a bit more busy so we go with whoever we can go home with, usually a family friend or a relative. The ride going there could take almost a whole day if you aren't gonna ride the plane. Twelve hours for the bus from Manila to Tabacco, three hours for the ferryboat to Vira, Catanduanes and then two hours in the bus oir van to reach our small town of Panganiban or Payo for short.

The family of my mother's side reside at the town proper. We're nearby everything. And I mean, everything. From the town school, to the town plaza, to the town church and even town cemetery. It's kinda creepy since our ancestral house is really nearby the cemetery but we got over it. It's really not that scary if you get used to it.

However, our relative in our father's side resides in the coastal area. We still have to ride a motorboat for about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on where or the weather. There's a lot of Islets in there and my father's relatives are scattered in the Islets.

The two hour drive or less from Virac to Payo is kinda nostalgic for me. The feeling of excitement and mixed emotions makes my heart flutter and tightens my stomach.

It always happen whenever I go home. Whether I just went home last year or it took me two years to go home, it doesn't matter because the feeling will always be familiar. I always remember breathing hard whenever I see the green lands on the way. I don't know, but I always do. It's like it's my first time seeing it.

The van or bus will take us directly to our houses. Everybody knew everyone and I'm kind of familiar to them because it's either they knew my parents, my grand parents or anyone of my relative, or they know me since I was little and probably one of those people who made me dance and gave me some coins when I was a child, or they just knew me because we met while I was on a vacation.

Anyway, I wanted to post about this because I realized that it's already two years since the last time I went home and three years ago when I went home for the Fiesta, which is a very big deal to the town's people as well as the balikbayans. Many people who are working or now residing in a different country tends to go home for the fiesta. And I mean they are a lot! July 24-25th are a very special dates for us. 

The town fiesta promises a lot of fun and happenings. A few days before the fiesta itself, vendors and tiangge are built around the town. They sell random things and play some of the games that you can see in the carnival. Then there's an event called "BATCH MATCH" wherein batch mates from High School to College get to get together per table in one event where you can drink and dance. There's a few sounds and lights for rent in our town alone and all the organizers would do is to choose. Anyway, it happens one night.

There's the Mr. and Ms. Panganiban pageant and the unending singing competitions and other activities a few nights until the big day. Endless booze, drinks and laughs are promised. I have a lot of friends there so I don't really get bored. Plus, I can just go to the fields if I want to and be alone for quite sometime.

On the first day of Fiesta, there's an event called BEER PLAZA at night wherein just like batch match, you get to buy a table with staple drinks and food with your group. Unlike batch match, you can freely choose who you'll be with. There's a band that will gonna play. Basically, they would transform our town's plaza into a big open bar. The second night would be for the OFFICIAL BALL. It is the night for the Government officials as well as the oldies.

And we are gonna go home today. Although I don't know why I don't really feel all giddy and excited, there's still a part of me that my next few days in Payo would all be fun and worth looking back to. Maybe it's the anxiety on my last post before this but I am ready to make new experiences when we go home for a few days.

I just really hope everything would be fine. I would blog about my one week experience in Payo after I come back. Ciao!

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  1. your hometown is so beautiful! i' a nomads, coming back home is the thing i wait every single year :)

    1. Yes, it is. It's also one of the things I anticipate the most, knowing I can go home to my home town even if it's just a few days. I get to experience a different life far from my city life and meeting the people again. :)

  2. Uhh. There's no place like home! Hope you enjoy your trip back home :)

    Lou |

    1. Definitely, there's no place like home. Thank you. :)