Foodie Adventure: Cafe Marie Jerica.

Cafe Marie Jerica is a one stop shop and the perfect paradise for foodies in budget at the heart of the hustli'n and bustli'n Quezon City. And I am about to tell you why!

The raining was like playing stop and go two days ago and my sister kept on looking at the facebook page of this certain newly opened food house nearby her school. Who wouldn't want to check it out? They got pasta, pizza, burgers, chicken and seafoods! Just looking at their facebook page, you'll see a post that tells the people that they are now open 24 hours due to insistent public demand. 

Going to their page, I saw that they are obviously in the "affordable" range and even though their place doesn't look as "furnished" as other restaurants and places you probably went to, it looked clean and well maintained. 

So we saw that they deliver for just the minimum of 300php order and the delivery is free! Of course, just around the Metro Manila. I decided to give it a try and when I called to order, the first thing that the person I talked with said was the delivery might take an hour or so because they only have one rider at that time and maybe, there's a lot of order and I said it's fine.

The delivery came less than an hour. When I saw the delivery guy holding my orders, it felt like I ordered a 2,000php worth of food because seriously, it looks like I ordered a lot! 

 I like the fact that they have their own logo into the pizza box as well as the plastic bag.

TUNA PIZZA (12 inches)

It was my first time to taste a tuna pizza so I have nothing to compare to. The tuna wasn't spread properly and I kind of like the sauce. Too bad it wasn't warm anymore when it arrived (blame the weather) but all in all, it's okay for a hundred bucks. I wasn't even expecting it to be this size.

QUESADILLAS (8 slices)

Now, this one's easily my favorite, as well as my mom and my sister, First bite and we knew we would definitely have some of these baby soon again. I mean, compared to TACO BELL'S Quesadillas, this is not dry, and there's a lot of cheese and flavor. It got a bit messy because it was delivered and I suck at taking pictures of food, so yeah. And all of these for less than a hundred bucks!


Anything with bacon, mushroom and cheese would be delightful for me. This is what I always order in Burger King as well as Wendy's and the moment I took a look inside this burger, I knew my 85 pesos will be worth it. It's double the size of a regular burger plus, there's a side dish that's piatos. Yes, PIATOS was still even in it's packaging when it arrived. Lol. The burger buns isn't dry and grainy. It did not surpassed the taste of burgers from Burger King and Wendy's but it's a good contest for an 85php burger. Plus, it's big!


This is said to be their best seller. I wouldn't say not to that because it's the most basic and I guess, the most affordable food that you can buy there. It's also double size of the regular burger and it tastes like any cheese burger.


It doesn't look a lot in the picture but in actual, it is. It wasn't my mom and my sister's peg because as they said, it has no taste, creamy but doesn't have enough cheese. Bland. And I agree, but damn. I love this one. I don't have to spend a lot now to a fancy mac and cheese out there because I can easily have their mac and cheese for just 80 bucks. The ham used in here seemed a smoked ham. The pasta used are big and it was soft to my liking. And I like everything creamy, so maybe that's why.

All for these for less than 500 pesos. I only spent 410php all in all because the deliver was already free. I ordered all of these because there's three of us who are gonna eat and I told my sister that I want to taste all of their food soon and this is the first batch. We started eating the tuna pizza, quesadillas and mac and cheese and we're already full, so we waited for a while to taste the burgers.

It was a fun "food trip" since it has been quite a while since we ate a take out or a delivery and I was glad that Cafe Maria Jerica is just nearby.

Facebook Page:Ă©-Maria-Jerica/1553735441548318
Telephone number: 3556801

Happy Eating!

Did you already ate at Cafe Marie Jerica or would try to soon?

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