How To Be A #SelfieExpert

If you use the hashtag #Selfie in any social media wesbites, you'll find tons and tons of pictures of individuals in different ways. In this day and age wherein taking a picture is kind of essential in our everyday lives to share to the world, let me share with you some of the things I know and learned with friends to be a #SelfieExpert.

1. Know your 'best' angle.

The moment you push that 'camera' button in your cellphone, you'll have the chance to examine yourself in the screen on what pose you should use or what pose you'll look good the most. There's so much you can do to make yourself look nice in knowing your best angle.

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2. Proper lighting.

I have learned that proper lighting is an essential in taking a good selfie the hard way. Before, as long as I can see myself in the camera, 'll be fine with it. Later on, I realized how bad the pictures were. But you don't have to be like me because I already learned. It is best to take a selfie using the natural light from day light, you can never go wrong with it.

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3. Experiment with your selfie.

You've learned your 'best' angle and you have the proper lighting, but then being repetitive gets boring, so to be a #SelfieExpert, make sure to experiment with your selfies and be more artistic with it. Besides, selfies can be an #Art too!

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4. Collect and select.

The more selfie you take, the more you'll likely to have that 'best' selfie that you can choose from the array of selfies you took. It's like getting all the best things then still finding the best among them.

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5. The equipment.

Of course, last but not the least, to be a #SelfieExpert, you should have the best equipment like OPPO F1 Selfie Expert. What more can you need? Even the model of the phone itself boosts about its #Selfie capability. It has an 8 megapixel front camera unlike other cellphones that only has 5 megapixels camera. It means clearer image, so better selfie!

  • It has a screen flash that you can turn on whenever you want to take a selfie in a low lighting place and still look nice.
  • It also has a BEAUTIFY features that you can use to make your photos be more stunning. It can make your skin look lighter, it can also removes imperfections such as blemishes on your skin so you can look the best version of yourself in your #Selfies.
  • It has a 5 inches screen that can let you see yourself better for a better #Selfie too!
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