Why I Love Police Procedural Series.

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I have the tendency to be a couch potato sometimes.. but in my laptop. I don't remember anymore when did I start liking watching Korean Dramas and TV series exactly but I remember how. My cousin who's now in UAE introduced me to KPOP and Korean Dramas when she came home here to study in college. I got hooked. She told me a certain website wherein I get to watch Korean dramas and movies. On the other hand, I started watching American Series' when I stumbled upon BONES, a TV series about an FBI agent partnered with a world renowned anthropologist and together with their team, solves complicated crimes.

I started watching it online and when I caught up till its recent episode, I felt empty. I searched for series that is similar and found a whole bunch of them! Seriously! That was also when I learned of the genre 'Police Procedural' and would usually use it when describing any series I watch that falls under that category.

It has been quite a while since I became addicted to them. But really, why am I obsessed with these shows? Even my sister got on the track with me. At first she started watching the shows I also watch until she had her own list of shows to watch on her own. But we still have a lot of shows we both watch and would wait for their update.

Anyway, I listed down the reasons why I would never get tired of watching them.

1. They do their job. And they do it well.

I am from a country where it's no secret that our justice system is fucked up big time. These shows makes me believe that there are still police that does their job or justice that are being served.. rightfully. I can see how they do things. It makes me get envious of how justice works in the shows I watch. It became my ideals when it comes to anything related to 'police' and I get thrilled just seeing them do their job, as police or office of the law.

2. Realistic enough.

Every aspect of the shows lets the people shows their every move. Every precinct or stations differ in sizes and looks. I see how some of them would hit a suspect, how they make deals, how they threatened criminals, how some of them are corrupt and how some of them look the other way. It pisses me off, but then it really does happened in real life.

3. They make me feel a roller coaster of emotions.

There's drama, there's the thrill element, there's disgust on criminals or psychopaths and of course, there's laughter. The stories of every cases sometimes really gets me and makes me cry. I feel anger towards certain characters even though I know it was just acting. I laugh at their jokes and laghtat awkward moments. Most of their punchlines are hilarious. If the mood is light, I always wait for them to throw punchlines. Shows like Castle and Bones are a few example of shows with a little comic on the side you'd surely enjoy.

4.  Mind games.

There are some shows like Criminal Minds that most of their cases involves serial killers, psychopaths, and other deranged characters I love the procedure of every cases. How they observe. Also, shows like Castle and Sherlock Holmes with both concept of the lead characters being police consultants because of their 'special skills' makes it more fun. Forming conclusions on who is the real culprit or killer, how did the crime happened or why evidences are there. The mind games really makes it interesting.

5. Boys, badges, guns and uniforms.

I am not going to 'really' romanticize this one but I admit, one of the many reasons why I am into these type of shows are the boys.. how they carry their self, how they think, how they carry their guns, showing their badges and how they give their suspects time to escape by yelling that they are 'FBI' or 'POLICE' when they knock through their door. I am not just describing a shallow girl crush because the boys I am referring too can be aged 50+ and I still like them because of the things I mentioned above. When a pool of SWAT officers swamp the place, too!

6. Kick ass women characters.

Of course, there would be at least one to three female characters in these shows who are dominated by men. I love how they aren't really trying hard to be one. Shows like NCIS though, had me broken a few times after the first female officer got killed on the third season, then the second one who, came next to her have to go, and even though the third one's still there, I won't be surprise of there would be another excuse to kill her character off. But still, I love how they portray their characters and how they get to stand with the men and their guns too!

7. Back story of the characters.

Last but not the least was the fact that they don't just focus on what's inside the station, how they do their job or how do they run after the running suspects but also on their private lives. Their families, their flaws. Most of them are even portrayed as former addicts. It made the characters feel more humane. There's just no WHO, because there's also WHY.

I really have a ton of series I watch. I do marathon and when I already catch up to the latest episodes, I look for others to watch while waiting for new episodes to be uploaded.

I watch in Couchtuner

What type of shows do you watch?

Ps. You can ask me recommendations too! :)

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