Love Desserts: Dessert Buffet for 199php!

I have been a regular in this place. Me and my co writers would usually swing by since it's nearby our Publishing house's office or if we just feel like eating something sweet. The first time we came here is around April 2014, if I remember it right. We have to wait for at least 30minutes for our seats.

Since then, it became out go to and since my cousin really want to experience this, I took her here today.

They will assist you for a table or will tell you to wait if there's still no available seats. They have chairs outside and it's comfortable enough. They will give you this paper after you start. They're not really strict when it comes to the time but people should have the initiative specially if they are jampacked.

There are already a lot of people when we came in but glad we still found a table for two! This is the bigger part of the store, there's still a few tables at the back but I like it there because it's near the buffet table.

If you want a crepe, ask a crew so they can make you one.

The milk if you want a halo halo is on the fridge and yes, you can open it, you don't have to ask a crew.

They have iced tea or milk tea for drinks. You can put sago in the milk tea and they have a bigger straw for it.

They refill the desserts fast before it becomes empty. The crew are fast moving and attentive.

Our first round and my second round. I opted for another round but only with my favorite. I don't know what it is called but it's the one with crunchy lumpia wrapper, onions, mango, cheese, tomatoes, beef and you'll have to put spaghetti sauce on it. Superb!

Students from difference schools gather here as well as people coming from their respective work.

The place have wall decors but not heavy with it. A few quotes here and there.

They have a wifi too, so you can just ask for their password. The password a while ago is STRAWBERRY. Haha. It's uncanny since me and my cousin just had strawberries last night. They also have tea and water dispenser if ever you want water instead.

Anyway, after eating there for quite a few times already, I already call myself a 'hustler' that I already know what to do to be able to enjoy the buffet here:

  1. Their cakes are mostly cream cakes, and even though the slices are thin, it can be very tasty that you might lose your appetite for more. So if you can, taste other desserts first like the small squared fudges, brownies and such.
  2. You have two hours, eat slow and enjoy every bite.
  3. They have watermelons and other fruits you might wanna have some bite in between because it'll bring back your neutral tongue's tasting capability.
  4. I am always tempted to drink and drink and I realized it made me full fast, so limit the drinking.
I can say that my 199php is really worth it. I have been coming here for almost 2 years already and it is my go-to when I want to chill with a friend or a co writer. This is their Banawe branch. I haven't been to any other branches but this is the most accessible for me although I always take a cab since I don't know how to commute going there. It's nearby Z SQUARE and next to Bruno's Barber Shop.

Ps. I had to write a reminder on a paper so I asked a crew for a ballpen. I had to repeat it twice since the crew didn't hear me the first time. And my cousin thought I was asking for the crew's number. Lol!

Check their facebook page:

Love Desserts Facebook Page

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