5 Places in the Philippines you should travel to after the pandemic.

If you're not into traveling or having vacations before the pandemic hit and now you think that you should have explored more places and experience traveling then, it's not yet too late! We might not know when everything is going back to normal, but it's better if you now have an idea of which place you should go and visit once this is all over.

The Philippines is known for its islands that oozes beautiful beaches, provinces with mountains of wilderness, and different cultures worth experiencing. Foreigners are flocking each year just to have a taste of everything that they can not just the places, but also the food and more things worth exploring.

Here's a list of 5 places in the Philippines you should travel to after the pandemic.


This is a no-brainer. You were already bombarded with images of the beautiful limestone cliffs and beaches in Coron, Palawan and you probably already thought of coming there in the future, too. Coron is a first-class municipality in Palawan, and it is often compared to another amazing place in Palawan which is El Nido. In Coron, aside from swimming on its beautiful beaches, you can also do scuba, snorkeling, beach camping and the most well-known activity you do is World War II wreck diving. 

There are a lot of travel and tour packages available that can maximize your time in Coron. There are offering of island hopping with meals which you can do with other tourists.


Well, if it's to be compared with El Nido, there's no doubt that both are amazing places to go to but Coron is relatively more laidback and inexpensive. It is also more suitable for families or groups to visit.


From Manila, you have to fly going to Busuanga Airport in Palawan. From Busuanga Airport, you have to take a jeepney going to Coron. The trip is 1 hour long and can cost 150 pesos per passenger.


Feel like you've been transported back to the old days if you come and visit Vigan. It is a famous place for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. Vigan has also been inscribed as one of the UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site as one of the most intact examples of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. You may find most of the cobblestone streets, rustic houses, and mansions, and horse carriages loitering in the road in Calle Crisologo. 

Aside from sightseeing, you may also opt to visit the National Museum in Calle Burgos, go to Vigan Cathedral, see the Bantay Church Tower or try the popular tourist activity of doing pottery at Pagburnayan Jar Factory.


Visiting a place that is offering a look at what the past is like is always a good idea. Vigan is not just offering a place for you to go to or to travel to, but also an ultimate experience of the past and the present at the same time.


You can reach Vigan via air or via land. If you want to travel by land, you can ride a bus from Manila that will directly take you to Vigan. Travel time is 9 hours or so and the fare is less than 700 pesos. For travelers who want a faster way, they can take flights going to Laoag Airport. From the airport, they can ride a tricycle to take them to the city proper where they will have to ride a bus going to Vigan. Travel time is about 2 hours and the fare is 300 pesos. 


Camiguin Island is also called the "Island Born of Fire" because they experienced numerous volcanic eruptions that shaped the whole island. There are a total of 7 volcanoes in Camiguin and although it is a relatively small place, there are quite a lot of good activities to do while you're there. You can explore the Sunken Cemetery, the Mantigue Nature Park, swim at the White Island, dive at Burias Shoal, and have a relaxing time in a hot spring in Ardent Hibok-Hibok where the water is directly from Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

If you come in October, you might witness the Lanzones Festival. It is a vibrant festival that celebrates its province for producing the sweetest lanzones.


In Camiguin, you can both experience best of the both worlds of beach bumming and sightseeing of the volcanoes around the island. Plus, seeing the sunken cemetery which is one of the most unusual thing you might stumble upon is an experience of a lifetime.


Unfortunately, there is no direct flight or way to go to Camiguin Island if you are from Manila. Camiguin has an airport, but the only flight available is from Cebu Pacific from Cebu City. If you are coming from Manila, you can book a flight going to either Cagayan de Oro or Butuan City. From Cagayan de Oro's Laguindingan airport, you may ride a shuttle going to Agora Market. From there, you have to ride a bus or a van for a 2-hours ride going to the Balingoan terminal where you will walk to the port to ride a ferry to Benoni port of Camiguin. If you are coming from Butuan, you have to take a taxi to take you to the terminal of the buses going to Cagayan de Oro.


Moving away from the beaches and the sea, Sagada, which is a town in Cordillera province is offering scenic views of its rice fields, limestone caves, and the breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea of clouds. One of the most visited and unusual things you do in Sagada is to witness the Echo Valley's hanging coffins that are displayed on cliffs. You can also go to Lumiang Cave to see the century-old coffins where they were all stacked in burial sites.

Aside from the falls and the caves you can visit, one thing you should not miss if you are in Sagada is to see the sea of clouds in Mt. Kiltepan's Viewpoint. After seeing the overwhelming sea of clouds, you'll also experience one of the best sunrises there.


How about having a hot coffee on a cold morning overlooking the sea of clouds a bit below you while waiting for the sunrise?


From Manila, you can ride a CODA BUS in HM Transport Terminal in Cubao which is bound to Sagada. The catch is, there is only 1 trip a day, so make sure you come early. Travel time is approximately 12 hours and the fare is more than 700 pesos each.


Yes, you read that right! Intramuros, Manila is one of the places you should travel to after the pandemic if you haven't been here. It is also called the "Walled City" because it looks like another city inside fortressed within stone walls. It is a bit like Calle Crisologo in Vigan which feels like a suspended past because of the preserved old houses, establishments, and churches. It was built 400 years ago by the Spaniards as their military base in Asia, so don't be surprised by the canons, moats, etc. you can find inside.

There is an entrance fee of 75.00 you will pay to go inside, but you'll know why it is worth visiting for the small price. There are also restaurants and coffee shops inside so you don't have to worry about being hungry or thirsty.


First of all, it is within the National Capital Region and the nearest place on this list if you're within or from the NCR. Second, the unique experience of seeing the historical impact within the walls is just priceless.


You can ride any jeepney bound to Manila or LRT (Light Rail Transit). If you are riding LRT, alight at the Central Terminal Station and then walk towards the Manila City Hall where you'll see an underpass that will take you to Pader de Burgos Street.

Which of these places have you gone to or will you be going to once we're back to normal?

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  1. PALAWAN, BAGUIO, AND BATANEEES AFTER PANDEMIC! OMG I am oh so looking forward na na makatravel ulit. Kahit hindi after pandemic kasi mukhang matatagalan pa yata huhuhu

  2. OMG, you are making me missing more our country! I would love to explore Coron, Palawan, and the Camiguin Islands.

  3. From your list I really wanted to visit Coron and Sagada. Philippines have a lot of beautiful places to visit talaga.

  4. actually we were going to Bohol nga sana last end of April. Ayun inabot ng lockdown, ngangabels. for rebooking nanaman kami! buti na lang di ko pa nasasabi kay junakis, dapat malalaman niya pag nasa airport na kami. at least di ako nahirapan mag sabi na di tuloy at malulungkot nanaman sya ng bongga