Foodie Adventure: Chicken Charlie

Last Tuesday was a bit of a busy day for me and some friends. We went to PSICOM'S Warehouse sale and I'm gonna review the books I bought soon! Anyway, after buying books there, we headed to another place then decided to go to Banawe for Love Desserts.

Turned out, we had to be in the waiting list because there's a lot of people so we decided not to wait because we're really hungry already. We don't know where to eat next so we decided to just walk and find a place until we saw Chicken Charlie's logo and went in.

The place was small but cozy which was what I really liked about it. They used the small space to their adjustment and decorated the place with bright colors. After some of the students went out, we felt like the place is ours.

They also have a freedom wall outside!

Even the counter's color coordination of the menu is nice to look at.

I remember eating at a Chicken Charlie branch in SM Calamba about two years ago before our book signing event that day. I forgot what I ordered before but I am sure that their menu back then wasn't as wide as their menu now.

Me and Sic (check out his blog, he'll start blogging soon!) ordered the FULL TIME BIG TIME which has rice, glazed chicken, hand sliced fries and mac and cheese for 159php plus the drinks. The price was reasonable and I love their iced tea. I was just disappointed that eve though our drinks were upsized, it looks like it's still small. I was wondering what would their regular sized drink looks like. Mira (she blogs too!) ordered CRUNCH SOLO (2 PIECE) and MONSTERIZE her meal. She thought that the drink in her meal's unlimited too. Turned out, it's only unli rice.

While waiting for our orders!

Ps. They don't have tap water. You have to buy a bottled water if you want have water.

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