OPPO F1s: Summer Destination.

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My parents are from Catanduanes, and I have never been more proud of our province when it started to get attention since last year until now. A few television shows like Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho featured a few places from Catanduanes already and people are now taking notice of what Catanduanes can offer.

Yes, it's true that the travel expenses can be a little bit expensive since it isn't really a tourist spot 'yet' and the easiest way which is going via airplane is actually the most expensive way. So if you really want to experience Catanduanes, make sure to ready yourself, research and plan an itinerary so you can make the most of your trip.

Ever since I was young, we always make sure to visit our ancestral house in Panganiban, Catanduanes once a year. It's still like a tradition, but since my grandparents from my mother side are now already with us in Manila and my father's side usually go to Manila too, going back home is now a choice and a leisure. And now that I realized how there are still a lot of places where I can see the wonders of Catanduanes, Puraran is the number one place I want to go to this summer.

I was planning on visiting Puraran for the Catanduanes Reef Break last year since I am already actually going home for summer.

But a few challenges was met and I had to think of other people who came with me. What happened was, when we were already riding the ferry boat that will send us in Legazpi where we can ride the bus to Manila, people from the Reef Break rode with us. Imagine my envy when I saw them. Ugh!

I am not sure if I can fulfill my dream of going to Puraran this year, but if ever I do, I should be ready with what I would bring with me. OPPO F1s is making waves at the moment in the market. A few of my friends, my aunt and another cousin already have their own OPPO F1s and I have seen the phone in action. Rather than buying an expensive camera that can make me broke, OPPO F1s can be a really good investment for someone like me who likes to go places, events and experience new things and document them.

Three things I think why OPPO F1s is going to be the best buddy I can bring in my summer getaway:

    1. It has 3gb ram, means it's fast, perfect for being outdoor or travelling.
    2. The 13pm rear camers is already given, but a panorama for a selfie? Hell yeah! I can take pictures with a lot of people in one go as a selfie as well as if I want the scenery to be taken with my selfie!
    3. The night shots are also wonderful. It;s no secret that not every cellphone camera can take night shots beautifully, most of them will be darker or pixelated, but this baby is pefect!

Images from Majestic Beach Resort Facebook Page

I want to take photos in best quality that I can take with me as sweet memories.

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